Four Washington cities look to vote on Red Light cameras

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January 28, 2011

TACOMA, Washington: Four cities are looking to start petition drives to allow their residents to be able to vote on it they want red light cameras to remain in use. Bellingham, Longview, Monroe and Wenatchee all launched petition drives and looked for help from Tim Eyman who was successful in petitioning for a red light camera ballot measure in Mukilteo in November. In Monroe, the Mayor had stated that red light cameras would not be installed without public input but later went ahead with the installations without input so this prompted that drive for a vote on the issue. Signature requirement differ in each city, Monroe petitioners hope to get at least 1,000, Longview petitioners are looking to get at least 2,766, Bellingham residents are looking to get 3,880 and Wenatchee is looking to get 2,273 signatures. These numbers are over the set requirement in order to ensure the expected amount of invalid signatures that get collected.[1] Several dozen cities have installed cameras in Washington and Oregon, more city residents may take up the petition drive and follow the example of these four cities. While citizens insist the city is out just for money with using the cameras, officials continue to state that they are not in it for the money but for the public safety factor.[2]

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