Francie Sullivan, Rick Bosetti, and Patrick Jones recall, Redding, California (2012)

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An effort to recall Francie Sullivan, Rick Bosetti, and Patrick Jones from their positions on the city council of Redding, California, was launched in December 2011.[1] The recall effort was abandoned in July 2012.[2] All three council members' terms expire in 2014. Bosetti is running for California State Assembly in 2012.

Recall supporters

Rob McDonald was an organizer of the recall effort. McDonald was also behind the effort to recall Shasta County Sheriff Tom Boshenko. McDonald told the city council, "Four weeks ago you basically listened to a group of people who basically wanted to violate another group of people's rights." McDonald, a supporter of medical marijuana, took issue with the city's November 2011 decision to ban medical marijuana dispensaries. James Benno is another proponent of the recall effort.[1]

On March 14th, Shasta County Superior Court judge Stephen Baker struck down the city's dispensary ban, denying the city's request for a court order that would have closed down medical marijuana dispensaries across the city.[3] The council is currently deciding whether to appeal Baker's decision.[4]

Recall opponents

Jess Brewer, the owner of Trusted Friends cannabis collective, opposed the recall. He said the council members "got bad advice from their lawyers. It's the lawyers who should be dismissed, not the council."[4]

Path to the ballot

McDonald presented the city council members with notices of intent to recall at the city council meeting on December 20th. The City Clerk then reviewed the recall notices to see if they met state requirements.[1] The City Clerk found that the notices of intent to recall were not sufficient, and they were consequently thrown out.[2]

In January 2012, Benno submitted amended recall notices to the three recall targets. He submitted 22 signatures each for Sullivan, Bosetti, and Jones. Benno said, "You violated your oath of office and you don't represent the will of the people."[5]

On March 7th, the initial petitions were certified and approved for recall. Recall organizers needed to submit 9,273 valid signatures on each petition by July 5th, 2012, in order to force a recall election.[6] Sufficient signatures were not submitted on July 5th, and the recall effort came to an end.[2]

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