Frank Martinez and Glenda Hill recall, Orange Cove, California (2012)

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A vote about whether to recall Frank Martinez and Glenda Hill from their positions on the city council of Orange Cove, California, took place on November 6, 2012. Martinez and Hill were both retained.[1] The recall effort was launched in April 2012.[2]

Reasons for recall

Former Orange Cove Mayor Victor Lopez organized the recall effort. After thirty years as mayor, Lopez lost the last mayoral election to current mayor Gabriel Jimenez. Lopez said, "we're going to recall Frank Martinez, councilman, and Glenda Hill, councilwoman, because they have done a very poor job already. They're running the city into a bankruptcy." Lopez faults Martinez and Hill for spending more than the city can afford on police, water and sewer services.[3] Jimenez supported the recall effort, saying that Hill and Martinez have personal vendettas against Lopez which have caused them to remove Lopez's name from the community center he helped build. Lopez and Jimenez also question the council's spending on the city's police department.[2]

Path to the ballot

Recall organizers needed to collect 600 signatures against Martinez and Hill, respectively. In early August 2012, recall organizers submitted 821 signatures to recall Martinez and 859 to recall Hill. 675 signatures on Martinez's petition were deemed valid, while 675 signatures on Hill's petition were deemed valid. The election took place on November 6, 2012.[4] In addition to the two recall targets, two other incumbent members of the city council were up for re-election on November 6. Candidates for the city council positions, and possible replacements for Martinez and Hill, included Victor Lopez, Diana Guerra Silva, Bertha Del Bosque, and Ralph Pardo. Garcia and Lopez won council seats.[1]

Election results

Frank Martinez

Should Frank Martinez be recalled?
Defeatedd No30354%
Yes 258 45%

Glenda Hill

Should Glenda Hill be recalled?
Defeatedd No30153.4%
Yes 263 46.6%

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