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Frank Scavo

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Frank Scavo
Candidate for
Pennsylvania State Senate, District 22

Political party Republican
Website Campaign website
Frank Scavo was a Republican candidate for District 22 of the Pennsylvania State Senate. The primary election was on May 18, 2010 and the general election was on November 2, 2010.



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Scavo was unopposed in the May 18 Republican primary but lost to Democrat John Blake in the November 2 general election.[1]

Campaign themes

Scavo's campaign website listed five themes:[2]

  • Jobs Excerpt: Scavo will work "to cut corporate tax rates by ten percent, and also eliminate the CAP and FRANCHISE tax to actually attract businesses that will create jobs" and "support a minimal tax on Marcellus shale drilling of one percent, which will be used to offset the cuts in the corporate tax I propose."
  • Tax Increases Excerpt: Scavo has "ruled out any tax increase."
  • Pensions Excerpt: Scavo "will not take a taxpayer funded pension" and will work "to place all new hires in a defined contribution plan."
  • Reforming Harrisburg Excerpt: Scavo supports "moving to a part time legislature" and "ending pensions and WAM's for election officials," and has pledged to serve no more than three terms.
  • Miscellania and Common Sense "I will fight for our rights as a state and oppose any UNCONSTITUTIONAL laws that limit free speech, gun ownership, amnesty for illegal immigration, bailouts, eminent domain, national healthcare or any other statist, freedom robbing, big brother government programs."

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