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FreedomWorks logo.PNG
President:Matt Kibbe
Chairman:Robert T.E. Lansing
Party:Republican Party
Year created:1984
Affiliated with:FreedomWorks for America
FreedomWorks was first established in 1984 and is headquartered in Washington, D.C. The organization describes itself as "leading the fight for lower taxes, less government, and more freedom."[1]

FreedomWorks was originally led by former U.S. House Majority Leader Dick Armey, who resigned from the position on November 30, 2012, effective December 31, 2012.[2]

The organization trains and mobilizes "grassroots Americans to engage their fellow citizens and encourage their political representatives to act in defense of individual freedom and economic opportunity."[3]

It is associated with the Super PAC FreedomWorks for America.


FreedomWorks originated from a conservative political group established in 1984, Citizens for a Sound Economy, which split in two in 2004. Citizens for a Sound Economy merged with Empower America in 2004 and was renamed FreedomWorks, while the other half of Citizens for a Sound Economy went on to form Americans for Prosperity[4][5]

The FreedomWorks name was derived from a common saying by Richard "Dick" Armey: “Freedom works. Freedom is good policy and good politics.”[6]

On November 30, 2012, Dick Armey resigned as chairman of FreedomWorks. Armey said, "The top management team of FreedomWorks was taking a direction I thought was unproductive, and I thought it was time to move on with my life." Armey stipulated that FreedomWorks was to immediately remove his name, image, or signature "from all its letters, print media, postings, web sites, videos, testimonials, endorsements, fund raising materials, and social media."[7][8]

Boards of Directors

The Board of Directors as of July 4, 2013:[9]

  • FreedomWorks Board
    • Chairman Robert T.E. Lansing, The Westminster Funds
    • President and CEO Matt Kibbe, FreedomWorks
    • Thomas Knudsen, Thomas Publishing Company
    • Richard J. Stephenson, Cancer Treatment Centers of America
    • Mary E. Albaugh
    • Former members[10]
      • Richard Armey
      • C. Boyden Gray
      • James Burnley IV
  • FreedomWorks Foundation Board
    • Vice-Chairman Steve Forbes, Forbes, Inc.
    • Matt Kibbe
    • Ted Abram, American Institute for Full Employment
    • Frank M. Sands, Sr., Sands Capital Management
  • FreedomWorks Emeritus Board
    • Bill Jaeger, Jaeger Vineyards


FreedomWorks tackles a variety of issues, including: communications and technology, tax reform, lawsuit abuse, social security, school choice and welfare programs. Additionally, the group is active regarding global warming, government budget and spending, health care, the flat tax, international trade and more.[11]

Involvement in Syria

See also: United States involvement in Syria

In a statement released September 6, 2013, FreedomWorks said it is urging lawmakers to vote against a congressional resolution authorizing the use of military force in Syria and will use lawmakers’ positions as a key vote in its congressional scorecards.[12]

The group said it will also use its "organizational muscle to rally activists to jam congressional phone lines to demand that lawmakers focus on the U.S. economy and debt rather than an overseas conflict."[12]

President Matt Kibbe said his organization has been “overwhelmed” with requests for help getting the word out in opposition to a strike on Syria and that many Americans have “already roundly rejected the Obama Administration’s rationale for bombing Syria.” Kibbe also emphasized that even a limited military action in Syria could have dire long-term consequences for the U.S. economy.[12]

“The costs of brinksmanship in an ongoing civil war are steep, and a collapse of state would fall in our laps. In other words, if we break it, we buy it,” Kibbe said. “Americans can agree that the strength of our country ultimately depends upon our fiscal stability. While our nation is capable of summoning its superpower, it would be reckless for Congress to bankrupt us in the process.”[12]


Mitch McConnell comments

Glenn Beck announced on October 8, 2013, that he was informed by an anonymous source that during a closed-door meeting, Mitch McConnell insinuated that anyone working with the Senate Conservatives Fund or FreedomWorks was basically a “traitor” to the GOP.[13]

Beck clarified that McConnell did not actually use the word “traitor,” “but that’s what everybody heard.” McConnell also reportedly said that these two groups in particular are “trying to destroy the Republican party.”[13]

According to Beck, roughly what McConnell said was, “FreedomWorks and the Senate Conservatives Fund worked hard to unseat me, and I want you to be very clear on this. If any of you take a dollar from either FreedomWorks or the Senate Conservatives Fund, you’re an enemy of mine.”[13]

Ballot measures


2009 ballot measures

Oregon Tax Hike Vote, Measures 66 and 67

2014 Elections

Endorsed candidates

Kentucky's U.S. Senate race

See also: United States Senate elections in Kentucky, 2014

FreedomWorks endorsed Matt Bevin on January 22, 2014. In the endorsement, it embraced Bevin as the more fiscally sound choice and criticized incumbent Mitch McConnell for “helping the Democrats” fund Obamacare in 2013.[18]

“He orchestrated the McConnell-Reid sellout bargain to increase the debt limit and fully fund a broken health care law, getting a $1.2 billion ‘special project kickback’ in the process,” said FreedomWorks President Matt Kibbe. “Kentucky deserves better, and looking at the dropping poll numbers for McConnell, there’s no reason to settle."[18]

Nebraska's U.S. Senate race

See also: United States Senate elections in Nebraska, 2014

President Matt Kibbe said, "The Senate does not need more smart people with generally nice sounding ideas; it needs heroes. The time for giant voices and strong principles is now. Shane Osborn has proven himself to be all these things and more. Nebraska and the country will be proud of the work Shane Osborn does in the Senate."[19]

Georgia's 11th Congressional District

See also: Georgia's 11th Congressional District elections, 2014

FreedomWorks announced its endorsement of Barry Loudermilk on November 6, 2013.[20]

In the endorsement FreedomWorks President Matt Kibbe said, “Barry Loudermilk is a rare commodity in politics today. As a legislator he has proven time and time again a willingness to stand on principle over party and fight for conservative values even when it meant taking on Republican leadership and a Republican governor. As a small business owner he has survived the onslaught of federal overreach and understands firsthand what needs to be done to get our economy rolling...Some candidates run for Congress because of the lure of the title, while others run for a chance to earn redemption in the spotlight. This race has those candidates in spades. This race also has Barry Loudermilk, who cares more about fixing our fiscal problems and returning our nation to sound constitutional principles than the pomp and fame a congressional office holds. The choice is clear. Barry Loudermilk will be a clear voice for common sense fiscal policies and a return to limited government in Congress.”[20]

Idaho's 2nd Congressional District

See also: Idaho's 2nd Congressional District elections, 2014

FreedomWorks endorsed challenger Bryan Smith (R) in Idaho's 2nd District race against eight-term Republican congressman Mike Simpson on September 24, 2013.[21]

FreedomWorks PAC President Matt Kibbe called Simpson an “insider” who supports House Speaker John Boehner and “the Washington establishment class.”[21]

“For the past 14 years, Congressman Mike Simpson has had a chance to stand up for common sense fiscal policies and constitutionally limited government,” Kibbe said in a news release. “But instead of fighting for these things he has led the charge for the insider priorities of Speaker John Boehner and the Washington establishment class. Whether it’s supporting the Wall Street bailouts, extending the nation’s debt, or creating large entitlement programs like Medicare Part D, Congressman Simpson has been on the wrong side of all the major fiscal issues.”[21]

Maine's 2nd Congressional District

See also: Maine's 2nd Congressional District elections, 2014

At the end of September 2013 FreedomWorks announced its endorsement of Bruce Poliquin in Maine's 2nd Congressional District.[22][23]

President Matt Kibbe stated in the endorsement, “Bruce Poliquin, a successful businessman and proven conservative leader, is just the kind of man we need in Congress. With an education in economics and more than 30 years in the financial industry, his insights into how to fix a failing economy will be an asset from day one. Poliquin has a track record of putting his common sense fiscal principles to work. As State Treasurer for Maine, he took on the debt-ridden pension system that was wasting money and hurting its pensioners and turned it around. He saved the state 1.7 billion dollars and put the system on solid footing. Results matter and Bruce Poliquin is a leader that can deliver, and has delivered. The voters have an easy choice. Bruce Poliquin is the only candidate in this race who will lead the charge and help fix our fiscal house in Washington, D.C.”[23]

2012 elections


According to OpenSecrets.org, FreedomWorks spent $2,661,992 on the 2012 election cycle.[24]

Of this $2,661,992, FreedomWorks spent:[24]

  • $8,800 in contributions to candidates
  • $250 in contributions to parties
  • $2,652,942 in contributions to outside spending groups

Top recipients

Top 6 largest FreedomWorks recipients in 2012[24]
Recipient Total
FreedomWorks for America (outside spending group) $2,652,942
Rand Paul $5,000
Thomas Massie $2,500
Ted Cruz $1,000
Sam Roher $300
Republican Federal Committee of Pennsylvania $250

FreedomWorks for America (Super PAC) and FreedomWorks (PAC)

See also: FreedomWorks for America

FreedomWorks for America and FreedomWorks are affiliated political action committees. Here is their 2012 election cycle information.

According to OpenSecrets.org, FreedomWorks for America and FreedomWorks spent a total of $19,638,968 in the 2012 election cycle.[25]

Of this $19,638,968, FreedomWorks for America and FreedomWorks spent:

  • $42,870 for Democrats
  • $7,079,203 against Democrats
  • $11,306,234 for Republicans
  • $1,210,661 against Republicans

According to the Sunlight Foundation, the FreedomWorks for America PAC spent $19,234,074 on the 2012 elections. Of those funds, 24.59 percent achieved the desired result, based on Sunlight Foundation analysis.[26] Open Secrets also analyzed the success of 2012 general election cycle spending:[27]

The success rate of FreedomWorks for America's 2012 spending.


FreedomWorks for America endorsed nearly 600 candidates for U.S. House, Senate, and presidency for the 2012 election.[28]

The PAC financed efforts to support some of these candidates,[24] but only Jeff Flake and Ted Cruz were successful in their elections.

Candidate Party State Office Expenditures
Connie Mack Ends.png Republican Florida Senate $1,874,246
Richard Mourdock Ends.png Republican Indiana Senate $1,665,105
Josh Mandel Ends.png Republican Ohio Senate $1,534,975
Jeff Flake Ends.png Republican Arizona Senate $1,087,627
Tom Smith Ends.png Republican Pennsylvania Senate $722,048
Jeff Landry Ends.png Republican Louisiana House $691,151
George Allen Ends.png Republican Virginia Senate $522,683
Ted Cruz Ends.png Republican Texas Senate $481,322
Joe Walsh Ends.png Republican Illinois House $357,164
Ann Marie Buerkle Ends.png Republican New York House $293,448


FreedomWorks for America targeted certain politicians for defeat in 2012.[24] All were successfully elected in 2012 except Richard Lugar, who lost in the Republican primary.

Incumbent Party State Office Expenditures
Orrin Hatch Ends.png Republican Utah Senate $945,373
Bob Casey Electiondot.png Democratic Pennsylvania Senate $759,473
Joe Donnelly Electiondot.png Democratic Ohio Senate $755,545
Barack Obama Electiondot.png Democratic President $621,913
Richard Lugar Ends.png Republican Indiana Senate $335,099
Dan Maffei Electiondot.png Democratic New York House $115,060
Jim Matheson Electiondot.png Democratic Louisiana House $110,273
Charles Boustany Jr. Ends.png Republican New York House $103,769
Lois Frankel Electiondot.png Democratic Florida House $80,625
Jon Tester Electiondot.png Democratic Montana Senate $71,204


FreedomWorks for America spent a grand total of $19,636,548 in the 2012 election. Of that money, $42,870 was spent for Democrats, $7,079,203 was against Democrats, $11,096,487 was for Republicans, and $1,417,988 was used against Republicans. [24]

Top 10 largest FreedomWorks for America expenditures in 2012[24]
Candidate Party State Office Total For Against Desired Result
Tammy Duckworth Republican Party IL House $1,866,787 $30,510 $1,836,277
Connie Mack Democratic Party FL Senate $1,862,846 $1,874,246 $11,400
Richard Mourdock Democratic Party IN Senate $1,646,652 $1,665,105 $18,453
Josh Mandel Democratic Party OH Senate $1,523,865 $1,534,975 $11,110
Jeff Flake Democratic Party AZ Senate $1,050,301 $1,087,627 $37,326
Bill Nelson Republican Party FL Senate $1,022,863 $2,750 $1,020,113
Orrin Hatch Republican Party UT Senate $945,373 $0 $945,373
Bob Casey Republican Party PA Senate $759,473 $0 $759,473
Joe Donnelly Republican Party IN Senate $755,545 $0 $755,545
Sherrod Brown Republican Party OH Senate $745,670 $201 $745,469



As of April 21, 2012, the top five donors to the FreedomWorks for America PAC were[25]:

Top 5 Donors to FreedomWorks for America, 2012[25]
Occupation/Employer Total From Individuals From Organizations
FreedomWorks $1,631,082 $0 $1,631,082
Crow Holdings $250,000 $0 $250,000
Uline Inc $250,000 $250,000 $0
Entertrainment Junction $150,000 $150,000 $0
Friess Assoc $100,000 $100,000 $0


As of April 21, 2012, the top five industries donating to the FreedomWorks for America PAC were[29]:

Top 5 Donors to FreedomWorks for America, 2012[29]
Industry Total From Individuals From Organizations
Republican/Conservative $1,631,082 $0 $1,631,082
Retired $424,318 $424,318 $0
Real Estate $254,050 $4,050 $250,000
Retail Sales $250,000 $250,000 $0
Recreation/Live Entertainment $150,000 $150,000 $0

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