Gainesville, Georgia

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Gainesville is a city in Hall County, Georgia.

Open records

The Gainesville Times filed a lawsuit on March 24, 2009 against the city. The lawsuit says that Gainesville city violated the Georgia Open Records Act when it declined to provide information the newspaper had requested about a letter related to the investigation of former Gainesville city manager Bryan Shuler. The anonymous letter was received by the city, and it alleges that Shuler committed various acts of corruption when he was employed by the city. The city gave a redacted copy of the letter to the newspaper, after removing the names of three city employees who were mentioned in the letter. Shuler was accused of sexual harrassing two of the people named in the anonymous letter. The city is maintaining that it has a right to guard the privacy of those employees; the newspaper maintains that it has a right to the names.[1]

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