Gary Hollis recall, Nye County, Nevada, 2010

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A notice of intent to recall District 3 Commissioner Gary Hollis was filed September 18, 2009 in Nye County, Nevada. The petition was filed by local residents Harriet Stowe, Robin Lloyd and Anthony Lloyd.

"My main reason for being involved is basically the prison/detention center. That's why I supported the recall for Butch Borasky, that's why I'm supporting the recall against Gary Hollis. They didn't give the people a say in anything about it. We're giving the people a say into whether the commissioners get to keep their jobs," said Robin Lloyd.[1]

According to county officials, Hollis' current term ends January 2013.

Path to the ballot

Recall supporters have 90 days to collect a minimum of 903 valid signatures, approximately 25% of the registered voters in the last election. Signatures must be submitted by December 17, 2009.[1]

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