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Gary Wilson

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Gary Wilson
Candidate for
Texas State House, District 23

Political party Republican
Website Campaign website

Gary Wilson was a Republican candidate for the District 23 in the Texas House of Representatives in the November 2, 2010, state legislative elections.

Campaign excerpt:"I am an extremely conservative Republican and can't stand to see Texas fall to this unstable style of Government. I'm not a politician; I'm a Superintendent in the construction field for a small contractor where I still work with my tools as a welder, equipment operator and carpenter."[1]

Professional Experience

Construction Superintendent, present


  • College of the Mainland, Engineering
  • Livingston High School '89

Issue positions

Wilson highlights his positions on four key issues on his campaign site:[1]

Right to Bear Arms

Excerpt:"I believe it is a right, a God given right, to protect ones self. When Thomas Jefferson wrote "unalienable Rights" he meant rights that no one can take away.Even if you enslave some one they will find some way to protect themselves and what few possessions you allow them to have...I also think that concealed carry should be unconcealed...We need to stop concentrating on prosecuting criminals and start trying to prevent crimes."

Excessive Spending

Excerpt:" It seems to me that there are a lot of people in charge of our tax money that have forgot what it's like to have to work hard just to make enough to pay bills ( living from check to check ). And then to have some one take part of that money and spend it on something only to put us so far in's like taking your rent money and putting it on the lottery..., and hope that it pays off...I think we have given enough of our rent money. I think if we intend to pass a law that effects this much of our life and Country, it should be voted on by the people. The Representatives of the people don't seem to be representing all of the people."

Border Control Excerpt:" There's no way a Nation can stay standing strong while allowing unlawful entry to go on without consequences. That's why you have a front door, so you know who's coming and going...There should not be any type of amnesty as long as there is one person trying to get citizenship through the proper channels. There shouldn't be anything for any one not trying to go through the proper channels. If your going to start your stay in this Country by committing a felony, I don't want you. You are already showing that you don't care for our laws and your only going to follow the ones you want to."

Trans-Texas Corridor Excerpt:"I don't see how any one can think that using Eminent Domain to take property from citizens then let it be used in the private sector to make a profit is remotely right. It's not the right of the government to say who can or can not use private property if there are no unlawful activities going on. The government should keep its nose out of the business of the citizens. The government has enough problems to solve as it is... Job growth, economic downfall, terrorism, the border and I could go on. I think that our roads could use some upgrades, but, to build a large hole in our already weak border is just crazy. Not to mention all of the jobs that would be lost to Mexico because of our trade."

Political Courage Test

Wilson provided answers to the 2010 Political Courage Test on the subjects of:

  • Abortion and reproductive issues
  • Budget, spending and tax issues
  • Campaign finance and government reform issues
  • Crime and public safety issues
  • Economic issues
  • Education issues
  • Environment and energy issues
  • Gun issues
  • Health issues
  • Social issues
  • Legislative priorities

Wilson explained his legislative priorities as following: "My top goal is term limits. Eight year term limit would keep more officials loyal to the people that elected them, than the people that can get them re-elected. I would like to see the nation require the U.S. Supreme Court Justices to be elected by a national vote and be term limited. The only person with a life time job is the owner. I would like see a good tort reform passed that everyone can agree with."

The full test can be accessed here.



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Wilson ran for election to the 23rd District seat in 2010. He had no opposition in the March 2nd primary. He was defeated by Democratic incumbent Craig Eiland in the general election on November 2, 2010.[2]

Texas House of Representatives, District 23
2010 General election results
Candidates Votes Percent
Green check mark transparent.png Craig Eiland (D) 17,631 53.16%
Gary Wilson (R) 15,534 46.83%

Campaign donors


In the last fundraising period, Wilson raised $0.[3]


Campaign Address

810 Eleventh Avenue North Texas City, TX 77590

Phone: 409-789-4277


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