Georgia's State Superintendent formally opposes charter school amendment

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August 28, 2012


By Johanna Herman

ATLANTA, Georgia: On November 6, Georgia residents will decide on a state wide charter amendment which would give the state the ability to create charter schools. On August 14, the state Superintendent, Dr. John Barge, released a statement which he formally stated his opposition to the proposed amendment. While Dr. Barge stated that he is not opposed to charter schools, he commented that an additional state body to over see charter school creation would be costly and unnecessary. Dr. Barge further stated that the new government body would take away from the local control of charter schools which is now under jurisdiction of the local school districts, the Georgia Department of Education, and the state Board of Education. If the new board was created with the charter amendment, it is estimated that $430 million would be redirected to pay for the board, its services and the creation of the seven charter schools a year on average as issued by the amendment. Dr. Barge states that those funds could be used elsewhere for more important items essential to the school and students needs. If the charter schools are created they would receive more funds than regular public schools, another item which Dr. Barge is against.[1]

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