Georgia Governor received perks from Delta Air Lines

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June 22, 2011

Atlanta, Georgia: In late April, Georgia Governor Nathan Deal signed legislation giving Delta Air Lines a partial exemption from the fuel sales tax. The exemption was valued at $30 million. Recent news reports reveal that two weeks later, the company gave Deal and his wife Diamond medallion status - a perk worth almost $8,000.[1]

Former governor Sonny Perdue, when he was in office, set a policy "that generally banned state officials from accepting gifts worth more than $25 from anyone with whom they conduct state business."[2] Deal reaffirmed the governor's position and extended the policy when he assumed office. A spokesman for the governor explained the gesture as an effort to promote economic development rather than a personal gift. He emphasized, "any time [the Diamond medallion status] will be used, it will be used for state business."[2]

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