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The Georgia Senate Budget Office is a nonpartisan legislative service bureau that is dedicated to serving the Georgia State Senate with fiscal research and analysis for its members.

Mission Statement

The mission of the Georgia Senate Budget Office is to support an informed, policy-driven budget process[1].


The Georgia Senate Budget Office was first formed in 2003 with legislation passed by the Georgia General Assembly to formalize the office in 2008[1].


The Senate Budget Office is led by a director that oversees six fiscal policy analysts and a full-time information technology analyst[2].

Services offered

Georgia State Budget

The Georgia State Budget which is produced annually is done every even numbered year by the Georgia Senate Budget Office. The Senate Budget Office writes the budget and produces all necessary analysis[3].

Revenue forecasting

The Senate Budget Office is responsible for all revenue forecasting which is done on a monthly basis. This includes monitoring tax receipts and other revenue that comes into the Georgia state government[4].

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