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Georgia redistricting sees a shift in representation

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April 16, 2012


ATLANTA, Georgia: As Georgia saw a significant increase in population through the 2010 census, a new congressional district was added to the state meaning that all the previous districts had to be redrawn. This led to many representatives being shifted around and finding that they had new members in their district and had to go through the process again of getting to know who they were representing. One representative, Paul Broun has had to go through the introduction process once again to make sure he retains his seat in congress, even though most of the members in his district now are completely new to him. The primary in Georgia is slated for July 31 and Broun noted that he has a lot to re-learn as he understands his new district's concerns and needs and the people he could potentially represent. For many representatives, this upcoming primary will be a test of if they can retain their seats even in the wake of new territory and new members to please.[1]


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