Georgia state spending measure clears the Senate

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March 1, 2011

ATLANTA, Georgia: The "Taxpayer Protection Amendment" is moving forward following a vote on February 24 by the Georgia Senate to refer the proposed measure to the 2012 statewide ballot.[1]

If approved by the House, voters would decide if a limit on how much the state can spend in a given year should be imposed. The limitations would be based on the previous year budget adjusted for inflation and population.[2]

Similar efforts are currently underway in Arizona. A total of four similar measures have been proposed. One proposal would link new state budgets to the revenue collected in taxes the year before. The second measure would lower the constitutional limit on state spending. The third would implement statutory spending caps. Finally, the last measure would put in place a process for legislators to follow if they want to spend outside of limits in place.[3]

In order for the Georgia measure to qualify for the 2012 ballot it must receive approval on a two-thirds vote by both the State House and State Senate. On February 24, 2011 the Georgia State Senate voted 42-7 in approval of the proposed measure. The measure now remains pending in the State House.[1]

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