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Georgia to consider eliminating runoff elections

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July 10, 2012


By Johanna Herman

ATLANTA, Georgia: Due to a recent ruling by a US District judge, Georgia may have to consider eliminating runoff elections for federal candidates in general elections. The ruling stated that U.S. military members who receive ballots to vote must be given at least 45 days to send those ballots back and be counted for the election. This timeline invalidates current state law since November results would have to wait to be certified until December. To allow for the 45 days the schedule for qualifying would also have to be pushed back. One option would be to end runoff elections for those officials and just make it that whomever got the most votes would win the election. Another option being suggested would be to allow for military overseas residents to vote online to ensure quick voting. Though the online voting poses security issues, it has not been completely put aside. Others have stated that if the runoffs are eliminated, it could hep third party candidates have most clout with future elections as well.[1]

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