Gloria Romo and Ruben De La Rosa recall, Calexico School Board (2010)

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An effort to recall Gloria Roma and Ruben De La Rosa from the Calexico School Board was launched in October 2009.[1] However, recall supporters did not file any recall signatures by the signature-filing deadline of March 9, 2010, and the recall effort was abandoned.[2]Romo and De La Rosa were elected to the Calexico Unified School District's board of trustees in November 2008.

Romo recall effort

Reasons given for recall

The official recall notice indicating the start of the recall effort against Romo said:

  • Romo cannot effectively represent the people of Calexico since she has limited English fluency.
  • Romo made a motion to appoint a teacher to become William Moreno principal who did not interview for the position.

Romo's response

  • In response to the allegation that she cannot speak English fluently, Romo said that Calexico is 97% Hispanic and that she understands English.
  • According to Romo, "I can respond to short and concise questions but if I want to elaborate this is when I sometimes recur to speaking in Spanish. This has not been a problem until recently when a group in support of the recall criticized me for speaking Spanish at board meetings."
  • As to the issue of Romo making a motion to hire someone for the position of principal who had not gone through the interview process, Romo said that the candidate had administrative credentials but was not able to make the interview process since the candidate was representing the teachers at a conference.

Ruben De La Rosa recall effort

Reasons given for recall

The official recall notice indicating the start of the recall effort against De La Rosa said:

  • The recall group say they believed that De La Rose unlawfully requested personal student information.

De La Rosa's response

  • De La Rosa said that a parent came to him about an issue that happened with a student at the community school. De La Rosa "tried to speak with the principal but couldn’t reach him. He went with the secretary and gave him a copy of the referral. He later went to the district administrative office where he asked about the procedures of the violation. De La Rosa said all he wanted to know are the procedures and get the information of how they apply the consequences. When he got the information on the procedures he destroyed the copy given to him."[1]

Los Lagos property agreement

Romo and De La Rosa were both accused by the recall committee of violating state law by illegally negotiating and entering into the Los Lagos property agreement on behalf of the district. Both members denied the accusations. The owner of the Los Lagos property said there was no agreement.

Romo and De La Rosa are on the school district's Facilities Committee. The board wanted to build a new high school. Three locations that had been considered for the high school were Kiki Camarena, a property north of the City, and Los Lagos.[1]

Path to the ballot

Approximately 2,600 signatures were required to qualify the recall for the ballot.[3]

Recall supporters had until March 9, 2010 to collect and turn in signatures, but the deadline came and went with no signature filing on their part.[2]

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