Governor hopeful would veto bills to get marriage question on Iowa ballot

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February 2, 2010

Des Moines, Iowa: Christopher Rants wants to be governor of the state of Iowa, and is taking a firm stance on a hot topic while doing so. According to the Iowa House of Representatives member, Rants would veto any bill sent to him by the Iowa Legislature until a measure was passed to the ballot relating to same sex marriage. Rants wants the people of Iowa the decision to amend the constitution to define marriage.[1]

According to Rants: "I would not let the legislature adjourn until they had a straight up or down vote on that issue...I would even veto bills to hold the Legislature in session until such a vote took place."

House Speaker Pat Murphy countered by saying, "This is why Republicans should not be in charge. They're caught on an issue that most people don't care about." Murphy stated that residents of the state care more about jobs and the economy.

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