Governors in the news: California authorities are still trying to ID the vandal who threatened Jerry Brown

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January 24, 2011

By Eileen McGuire-Mahony

California authorities look for writer of graffiti death threats against Governor Jerry Brown

Governor Jerry Brown's life has been threatened, in the form of graffiti festooned with swastikas. Last week, Santa Ana Police found two separate messages threatening the Governor's life. One message specified February 14, 2011 – Valentine's Day – for the attack. The other had a "7" that had been crossed out and overwritten with a "6," as if in a countdown. Both messages were removed and reported to the California State Highway Patrol. As the CHP has official responsibility for protecting California's governor, they will lead the investigation.[1]

The early leads indicate the graffiti is a “terrorist attack”. Both Governor Brown's CHP security detail and the Santa Ana Police are continuing to look for whoever wrote the messages. Security around the Governor will also likely be much higher on February 14, 2011.[2]

The Presidential birth certificate will remain sealed after all

Despite coming into office with a stated plan to release Barack Obama's original birth certificate, Hawaii Democrat Neil Abercrombie has backed off that plan lately. Attorney General David M. Louie informed the Governor that, within the scope of the law, there is no way to release an original birth certificate absent the consent of the individual. A spokesman for Governor Abercrombie reiterated this, saying, “There is nothing more that Gov. Abercrombie can do within the law to produce a document.”[3]

Going back to the first stirrings of his national fame, Barack Obama has refused to release his birth certificate or to address the idea that he is foreign born and that a conspiracy exists to hide the fact. While President Obama is hardly likely to reverse that policy now and while Governor Abercrombie simply cannot carry out his hope to put 'birther' conspiracies to bed without violating the law, the longevity of the conspiracy has little to do with the inability for most citizens to see the actual original birth certificate. For advocates of the idea, any document that either Obama or Abercrombie could ever produce would be dismisses as a fraud.


Led by Governor Shumlin, Vermont Dems are taking a serious look at a singlepayer healthcare

Could Vermont be going further than national Democrats were able to when they passed legislation last spring to increase the government's role in medical care? Under Governor Peter Shumlin and a Democratically controlled legislature, the state may move ahead with plans for a true “single payer system”, the model opponents of government controlled healthcare usually have in mind when they refer to 'socialized' or 'government run' healthcare. Governor Shumlin hopes to pool all Federal dollars and have a single insurer covering all Vermont citizens by 2014.[4]

Shumlin is hopeful both that his proposal will attract business to Vermont, creating jobs in the process, and that he can get Republicans on board by selling the streamlining and cost-cutting aspects of his plan. He specifically references New Hampshire, which has no income tax, as a competitor in luring businesses. As Shumlin envisions it, being able to offer employers an environment in which they bear no direct costs for employee healthcare would alter that playing field in his state's favor. Shumlin does, however, suggest something like a payroll tax to help fund his single-payer plan – a mechanism that would still hit employers but would also put costs onto employees directly.