Grand Rapids Community College Bond Measure (May 2012)

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A Grand Rapids Community College Bond Measure was on the May 8, 2012 ballot in the Grand Rapids community college area which is in Allegan, Kent Counties.

This measure was defeated

  • YES 19,856 (43%)
  • NO 26,417 (57%)Defeatedd[1]

This measure sought to issue a bond in the amount of $98 million in order to build new facilities, upgrade and equip current buildings, make improvements as needed and upgrade technology throughout the college.[2] If it had been approved, an additional levy of .35 mills would have been added to local property taxes in order to pay for the bond. The Community College had been actively seeking endorsements from local school boards in the hopes that it would show residents that the college is important and supported by other schools.[3]


The Grand Rapids school board had given its endorsement of this measure, noting that many students go on to the community college and ensuring that technology is up to date allows for students to receive the best learning experience.[3] Volunteers in support of this measure had spent the last few months going door to door to inform residents about the bond proposal and advocate a yes vote. Volunteers had been focusing their efforts on those areas which have traditionally supported past school measure,s in the hopes that those residents would go to the polls and further support the school. Proponents had also been pushing the fact that the levy for the bond repayments is only for a period of twenty years and the money only can go towards building improvements, so the money would not have been used for other items.[4]

Text of measure

The question on the ballot:

Shall Grand Rapids Community College borrow a sum of not to exceed Ninety-Eight Million Six Hundred Thousand Dollars ($98,600,000) and issue its general obligation, unlimited tax bonds in one or more series for the purposes of: - Purchasing, erecting, constructing, remodeling, renovating and furnishing and equipping, or refurnishing and re-equipping, buildings to be used for community college purpose, including structures, the fieldhouse and other facilities, and parts of or additions to those facilities; - acquiring, preparing, developing or improving sites, or parts of or additions to sites, for community college buildings and other facilities; and - acquiring, installing and equipping or re-equipping buildings or additions to buildings for technology and technology infrastructure?[5]