Greater Vallejo Recreation District parcel tax, Measure K (May 2012)

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A Greater Vallejo Recreation District parcel tax ballot question was on the May 8, 2012 ballot for voters in the Greater Vallejo Recreation District in Solano County, where it was approved.[1][2]

Measure K will levy:

  • A $48 annual parcel tax for average residential parcels.
  • A $36 annual parcel tax for apartment and mobile home park property owners.
  • A $250 annual parcel tax for non-residential lots between one and five acres.
  • A $500 annual parcel tax for non-residential lots for lots exceeding five acres.

The tax will last for six years. It is anticipated that during each of those six years, it will generate about $2.1 million in tax revenues.[1]

The election was held as a mail-in ballot election. A 2/3rds supermajority vote was needed for approval.

Election results

Measure K
Approveda Yes 8,816 67.9%
Election results are from the Solano County elections office as of 4:30 a.m. on Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Glen Cove

1,900 homes in southeast Vallejo, in the Glen Cove area, were not annexed to the Greater Vallejo Recreation District when it was formed in the early 1980s. Voters who live in those homes were not therefore eligible to vote in the Measure K election.

However, the Greater Vallejo Recreation District is thinking of annexing those homes. If it does, those homeowners will have to pay the Measure K tax, in spite of not having been in a position to vote on it.[3]

The 308-acre subdivision was annexed to the City of Vallejo in May 1981, and to the Vallejo Sanitation and Flood Control District in September 1983.[3]

If the area is annexed, the homeowners in Glen Cove will cumulatively pay about $100,000 a year, with the proceeds going to support the city's parks.


Wendell Quigley was the chair of the "Yes on Measure K" committee. He is also a member of the governing board of the Greater Vallejo Recreation District. He said, "A 'yes' on Measure K will keep our after school activities and programs, parks, tennis courts, athletic fields, swimming pools, and dog park open. A 'no' vote would force the Greater Vallejo Recreation District to start closing these places that we take so much for granted. GVRD has lost more than $2 million of revenue due to reduced property taxes."[4]

Text of measure

The question on the ballot:

Measure K: To keep local parks/recreation facilities open/clean/safe with locally controlled funding that cannot be taken away by Sacramento; provide programs for children/teenagers/families/seniors; and prevent parks from becoming a haven for crime, shall Vallejo's independent park/recreation agency, Greater Vallejo Recreation District, levy $48 per parcel, as specified in the voter pamphlet, annually for 6 years, with independent audits, exemptions for seniors, and all funds staying local?[5]

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