Group alleges unfairness in Wilmington grant for black heritage center

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February 14, 2012

WILMINGTON, Delaware: One of the groups considered for a $1 million grant from the city of Wilmington for a black heritage center is filing a complaint about the proceedings. The African American Heritage Center was passed up for the grant and claim that the mayor, James M. Baker, did not follow ethical and legal rules in awarding the grant to the Delaware Historical Society.[1]

The Center says that Baker had already made up his mind to give the grant to the Historical Society, and that he closed meetings and stacked the review committee. They have filed a complaint with the Delaware Attorney General. Heritage Center spokesman and former Wilmington mayor Jay Sills says the Historical Society is not suited to run a black heritage center, mentioning that the Society has just one black employee.[1]

Baker says all proceedings were done in compliance with the law and that he and his office will cooperate with the Attorney General.[1]

The Historical Society will need to raise another $3.5 million for the black heritage center.[1]

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