Groups file lawsuit against a Nevada immigration initiative

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June 22, 2010

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CARSON CITY, Nevada: A controversy that initiated in Arizona this year has spread to states across the country. Both Nevada and Ohio are proposing similar immigration initiatives for statewide ballots and just like Arizona are facing opposition. The Nevada Immigration Reform Initiative proposes authorizing police to question a person's immigration status if there are any suspicions that they are illegal immigrants.

On Friday, June 18, the ACLU of Nevada and the Nevada Open for Business Coalition filed a lawsuit with the Carson District Court. The lawsuit requests that District Court Judge James Wilson block the proposed initiative. Specifically the suit asks the judge to prevent the initiative from being proposed to the legislature or to voters. According to the groups the initiative violates the state's single-subject law. Additionally they argue that the proposed measure "promotes racial profiling and would hurt the state's economy."[1][2]

Of the alleged single-subject violation the Nevada Open for Business Coalition specifically said, "It embraces numerous subjects — everything from enacting voter identification laws to creating task forces and advisory boards and to criminalizing the stopping of a vehicle to pick up passengers for work,” said the coalition.[3] The NAACP and others are included in the filed lawsuit. According to reports the ACLU and the NAACP created a group called "What Happens in Arizona Stops in Arizona."[4]

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