Healthcare opponents in Ohio submit signatures

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July 7, 2011


By Al Ortiz

COLUMBUS, Ohio: When contacted by Ballotpedia, as of 4 p.m. EST on July 6, the only initiative to file signatures for the ballot by the petition drive deadline was the proposed health care measure. Reports confirmed that health care amendment supporters filed approximately 546,000 signatures, more than the 385,245 needed to make the ballot.[1]

Reports are also stating that the secretary of state's office has until July 26, 2011 to verify those signatures.[2][3]

The proposed health care ballot measure calls for exempting residents of Ohio from national health care mandates which would stop any state law from forcing persons, employers or health care providers from participating in a health care system. It is being sponsored by The Ohio Project.[4]

Originally the citizen initiated version of the measure was proposed as a 2010 proposal sponsored by the Ohio Liberty Council, and was proposed for the November 2, 2010 statewide ballot. However, that proposal failed to make the ballot. A legislative version of the measure was introduced as well. However, the measure failed during 2011 state legislative session, as there were not enough votes in the state House to make the ballot.[5][6]

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