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Database errors sometimes occur on the wiki. Though we cannot avoid all issues, this page explains the types of errors you may see, and the course of action to take if you encounter them.

1213 Database lock error

If you ever try to save 2 new pages at once, or delete 2 existing pages, you will receive a notice of a 1213 Database lock error. This means that the database is unable to process your edit. At this time, our database cannot handle more than 2 simultaneous saves by a single user (from a single ip address) of new pages or the simultaneous deletion of two existing articles by a single user.

The cause of 1213 database lock:

  • Creating more than 2 new pages at once
  • Deleting more than 2 pages at once

What does not cause database locks:

  • Saving more than 2 existing pages at once

Avoiding the error

If you happen to be working on something that requires many new page creations or page deletions, the best workaround is to work in a defined order.

If you open many tabs in your browser, begin your workflow to the far left or right and then save the first page. While you watch that page save, begin working on the next page or pages. Once your first save has processed, you can save the next page in line, then return to editing while waiting for that save to process.

Continue with this process until you complete your task.

Getting the error

Database error 1213.png

If you encounter this error, there are three simple steps to make your edit resolve:

  1. Refresh the page
  2. Edit the page
  3. Save the page