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Navigating Ballotpedia is easy once you are familiar with the many ways you can move through the site's contents. The sections below offer quick instructions on the ways you can access Ballotpedia's information.

Main page

Navigation from the Main Page:

  • You will find links to several different portals on Ballotpedia's main page. On these portal pages, you will find links to other resources for that particular subject.
  • Also on the main page, you will find a list of current news stories about state and local politics that are of national importance.
  • The map on the main page is clickable. When a state is clicked, you will be taken to a hub page designed for that state with links to all of Ballotpedia's relevant resources.

You can access the main page from any page on the wiki by clicking on the Ballotpedia logo.

In article navigation

Links within articles

Most of the articles on the wiki are cross-referenced, meaning you can follow links within an article to related articles.

For example, an internal link found on an article about Alaska will lead to another article related to that state or subject matter in one of the many areas covered by Ballotpedia. You will find these links both inline, and in the "See also" section at the end of the article.

Category browsing

Articles on Ballotpedia are grouped by a system of categories and sub-categories. You can look at the categories on a given article to discover other articles in the same topical grouping. Categories appear at the end of the article; when clicked, you will be taken to a category page where other pages are listed. In certain cases, subcategories will also appear on this page, which can be followed for other lists of related articles.

Contents and index browsing

There are many pages on Ballotpedia that serve as tables of contents or indices. Some of these are:

  • The category Lists on Ballotpedia provides links to lists on a variety of topics.
  • The Index of Contents offers a non-exhaustive index to the various overarching project areas on the site.
  • You can find all of the projects on Ballotpedia on the Ballotpedia:Project Directory.
  • If you want to see the big picture, then check out the index of all articles. This page automatically updates every time a new article is added to Ballotpedia. To find this list in the future, look under the "Tools" menu. Under "Tools", click on the "Special pages," and then click on "All Pages."


One of the easiest ways to explore Ballotpedia is to search for the articles you are interested in. Just type your query in the search box in the upper right corner, hit "Enter" or click on the icon of the magnifying glass, and you will be taken to a results page. If a page exists that matches your exact query, you will be taken directly to that page.

Special pages

The Special pages page links to a number of other pages that can assist you in navigating the site. The link to "Special pages" can be found under the "Tools" menu.

Recent changes

If you'd like to see the articles that have most recently been worked on, navigate to Special pages and locate the link to Recent changes.

What links here

You can check to see what other articles link to the article you are reading by using the "What links here" function. You can use this tool by clicking the link for "What links here" under the "Tools" menu. When clicked, "What links here" will produce a list that details all pages that link to the article you are viewing.

"What links here" can also be found within the Special pages.

All pages

The All pages page is an automatically updated index of all pages on the site. Every time a new article is added to Ballotpedia, this page automatically catalogs it. To find this list in the future, look under the "Tools" menu. Under "Tools", click on the "Special pages," and then click on "All Pages."

See also

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