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An image description page is automatically created when an image or file is uploaded to Ballotpedia.

The purpose of the page is to provide information about the file. An Image description page must include:

  1. The original location of the image, such as Wikimedia Commons
  2. The copyright status of the image
  3. At least one category for the image
Note: If image copyright tags are properly used, they will cover the first two items in this list. That is, location and copyright.

These three items are often referred to as LCC: location, copyright and category.

Image description pages may also provide information on:

  • Any modifications that have been made
  • A description of the file's subject or context
  • Where the file is, or should be, used

Copyright information

All image description pages must include copyright information. This includes information about the file's source, license and sometimes author. All files must either be freely licensed or suitable to use under fair use guidelines. To add copyright information, choose the most appropriate tag from Ballotpedia's list of image copyright tags

Please be aware that the copyright holder (the original creator of the file, their employer or an official designee), not the uploader, decides on the licensing for the image, and that "fair use" of non-free files has a specific definition. For more information, read more about copyrights, the Ballotpedia image use policy, fair use guidelines and image copyright tags.

Image talk pages

Just as with all other pages on the wiki, a discussion or talk page tab will automatically be generated when the image description page is created. However, just as with other pages, this tab will be red-linked (empty of content) until you place something in it.

All images should have the {{Wimages}} template on their talk pages. If the images fall within another specific project, they may also have those appropriate templates on them.

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