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Naming conventions are a list of guidelines on how to appropriately create and name articles on Ballotpedia. When naming your article, try to make it as easy as possible for a general reader who comes to Ballotpedia.

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The title of an article on Ballotpedia about a person should be in the following format:

<First name> <Last name> (examples: Rebecca Bradley, Tim Eyman)

Non-alphanumeric characters

Non-alphanumeric characters can be used if they adhere to the proper spelling of a name.

Middle initials

Middle initials are avoided whenever possible. If creating a profile for someone who has the same first and last name as an existing profile, use a disambiguation page.

Duplicate names

When two people have the same name, add their state to the end of their article title (like A.J. Smith (Alabama) and A.J. Smith (Florida)) and then create a disambiguation page that lists the two names (like A.J. Smith).

For in depth information on creating disambiguation pages, see Help:Disambiguation.


Avoid abbreviations

Avoid the use of abbreviations, including acronyms, in page naming unless the term you are naming is almost exclusively known only by its abbreviation and is widely known and used in that form. An article on an Alaskan ballot measure should start with "Alaska", not "AK".

Lowercase words in title

Do not capitalize second and subsequent words unless the title is a proper noun (such as a name) or is otherwise almost always capitalized.


Election pages on Ballotpedia are named State + elections, + year.

Government departments

All Ballotpedia articles on public agencies/offices/departments etc. and political officials must effectively communicate the name of the jurisdiction involved within the article title.

For example:

Ballot measure articles

Ballot measure articles use very specific writing guides and naming conventions that differ from the general naming conventions for the site. You should capitalize all the words in a page title with the exceptions of a, the, of and similar words.


Incorrect: "Colorado tax amendment, measure 2 (2013)"
Correct: "Colorado Tax Amendment, Measure 2 (2013)"

See Writing:Naming a ballot measure article for more details.

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