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How to build a portal

The first step in building a portal is to name it. The name of the portal should start with the word "Portal", followed by a colon, and finally followed by the word you're going to use to describe the content area that will be collected within the portal. Example: Portal:Ballot measures.

Choosing a design for the front page of your portal

It is recommended that you look at other portals that already exist in this encyclopedia and pick one that looks approximately the way you want your portal to look. Then, just copy the formatting commands from that portal as a base for how you set about building your portal's main page.

If you'd like to experiment with different colors, consult the color chart on this page for codes.

Tip: Feel free to start with a very simple portal page. There's no law that says your initial version of the main portal page has to have elaborate formatting and design.

Creating a portal twinned with a project

A project page associated with your portal can help you identify articles that need revision, expansion or clean-up, as well as new articles to create.

Registering and categorizing your portal

  1. Once you have created a portal, please list it on the Ballotpedia:Portals page.
  2. Add a category tag on a portal page you create to Category:Portals.