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Help:User contributions

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User contributions pages list the edits that a particular user has made. With this special type of page, you can check your own and other users' contributions and find out whether there have been any subsequent edits. This makes it possible to watch pages even if you haven't put them on your watchlist.

Accessing contributions

To access your own contributions page, when you are logged in, click the "Contributions" link at the top right of any page.

To see other users' contributions, you must access the contributions page. You can either do this through the link for "Contributions" at the top of your screen, or by visiting the Special:SpecialPages through the "Tools" menu on the left side of your screen. If you access the page through the "Contributions" link at the top of your screen, you will first see your contributions, but you can modify the form to see other contributions.

Once you are on the page, you can either enter the username of the person whose contributions you want to see, or you can enter the IP address. Since Ballotpedia requires registration to make changes to the wiki, you should use the username option to search for contributions. The username must be entered exactly in order to display contributions. For example, if you are looking for the contributions of user Abqualls, you must enter that name exactly into the Contributions page. If you entered the username instead as ABqualls, nothing would display.

Using the contributions page

After you've accessed either your own contributions, or the contributions of another editor, there are some things you should know about the data that is being displayed. Edits are shown from newest to oldest, and each edit takes up one line, which shows: time and date, the page name of the page that was edited, the edit summary, and other information:

  • New pages are marked with an N.
  • Minor edits are marked with an m, which stands for minor edit.
  • Selecting (hist) will take you to the page history of the selected entry, where you can see all edits made to that page.
  • Selecting (diff) will take you to a diff page showing the changes between that edit and the current revision. The most current version of the page will appear below the changes so you can see how the page is now rendered.
  • If an entry is designated (current), that means that that edit is the current version of the page (no other changes have been made since that contribution). This designation can be used to watch pages; if your last edit to a given page does not display (current), then the page has been changed). Sysops also have a rollback link here. For more information, see Help:Reverting.
  • If the edit summary begins with an arrow link and grey text, this means that the user has only edited a section of the page (named in the grey text). This text is automatically added when you edit a section. The black text is a standard edit summary and is added by the user.

Please note that the current name of a page is what is used in the contributions page, so if the page has been renamed the name displayed may be different than you remember.

Navigating the page

If a user has so few edits that all their edits fit onto one contribution page, you will not be able to navigate to any other page of the list. As soon as that user's edits span more than one page, black text at the top of the page will become links, allowing you to navigate through the contributions. These links take you to the users most recent edits ("newest"), oldest edits ("oldest") or the newer or older group of edits in the numerical increments you have specified, such as "newer 50" or "older 50."

The blue numbers list the number of edits displayed on a page: 20, 50, 100, 250 or 500. A higher number increases the length of a page but reduces the number of pages that contribution list will span. The number you select replaces the number in the links to the previous or next pages, for example: (newer 100 | older 100).

Modifying your results

You can restrict your results on the contributions page by selecting a namespace to filter your results. For example, to see only templates that a given user has worked on, select "Template" from the drop down list and click "Go." You can also restrict your results to a specific time period by entering the year and month in the "From year (and earlier)" and "From month (and earlier)" boxes.

Not shown

Not shown on the contributions page are:

  • Edits from a page that has been deleted afterwards (unless the page has been restored).
  • Uploaded images with the same name as one that already exists, thus replacing it.
  • The deletion or restoration (undeletion) of a page (if the user is an admin and has this ability).


Your contributions can be viewed by anyone; please be mindful of this. For more information, check the Ballotpedia privacy policies.

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