Houston Red Light Camera Ban Question (November 2010)

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A Houston Red Light Camera Ban Question was on the November 2, 2010 ballot in the city of Houston, which is in Harris County.

This measure was defeated meaning the cameras are no longer allowed in the city.[1]

Through a successful petition, 20,000 signatures were submitted to get this question on the November ballot. It will ask residents if they want to ban the use of red light cameras in the city. Though most council members did not agree with the banning of the cameras, a majority voted in favor of putting the issue to voters. 70 cameras are currently in operation around the city with around $44 million in fines being given to those running the lights since the cameras were installed in 2007. Both sides have strong opinions on the matter, but something they agree on is that whatever the outcome it will likely end up in court facing appeals.[2]

A political action committee, Keep Houston Safe, has taken the matter to court because the measure seeks to ban a city ordinance and city law states that a petition drive must occur 30 days after the ordinance is approved. Since the ordinance was enacted in 2006, a petition drive four years later is past the limit of the law.[3] While both sides expected the issue to end up in court, the issues arising were not expected. A judge has not taken up the case yet and it is expected that it may not be taken before the vote in November.[4]

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