Huber Heights City Income Tax Additions, 2 (March 2012)

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Two 'Huber Heights City Income Tax Addition measures were on the March 6, 2012 ballot in the city of Huber Heights which is in Miami County.

Both measures were defeated

The first measure sought to implement an income tax at a rate of .20 percent to be used for public safety, street and operational costs of the city.

  • YES 36 (25.9%)
  • NO 103 (74.1%)Defeatedd

The second measure sought to add to the current income tax by a rate of .25 percent in order to further pay for public safety, emergency medical and improvement costs in the city.[1]

  • YES 32 (22.86%)
  • NO 108 (77.14%)Defeatedd[2]

Montgomery County:

  • YES 2,148 (32.28%)
  • NO 4,507 (67.72%)Defeatedd[3]

Text of measure

The question on the ballot:

Question 1: Shall the Ordinance providing for a 0.20% levy on income for (1) eliminating all use specific earmarks contained in the current income tax ordinance allowing all income tax revenues be received for PUBLIC SAFETY, STREETS, RECREATION AND OTHER GENERAL CITY OPERATIONS, INCLUDING, WITHOUT LIMITATION, FOR POLICE AND FIRE, EMERGENCY MEDICAL SERVICES, CAPITAL IMPROVEMENTS, ECONOMIC DEVELOPMENT, SALARIES AND EMPLOYEE BENEFITS, and (2) making permanent the 0.20% income tax slated for termination December 31, 2015, with credits for income taxes paid to other jurisdictions, which will not tax social security benefits, pensions, interest payments, inheritance, and other items excluded by the City income tax ordinance, be passed?[4]