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The Idaho Freedom Foundation (IFF), a 501(c)(3), is a non-profit think tank in Idaho dedicated to "finding free-market solutions to the challenges facing our state."[1] It was founded in January 2009.


The Foundation defines its mission as working "to keep Idaho free by generating research and data on key issues, and recommending the findings to opinion leaders, policymakers, media and the citizens of Idaho."[2]


The IFF has three main issue areas that it provides news and commentary on - transparency, education, and solutions.[3]

Transparency contributions

The IFF launched to provide the state's taxpayers with a government transparency source. The site has billions of dollars in state spending data, as well as salary information for the state's employees. The think tank plans to provide data about cities, counties and school districts.[4]


The Idaho Freedom Foundation launched the Idaho Reporter, a free news service that provides deep investigative, factual, non-opinionated and non-ideological journalistic coverage of state government.[5]

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