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Idaho Legislative Services Office

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The Idaho Legislative Services Office is a nonpartisan, all purpose legislative services agency that is dedicated to serving the members and staff of the Idaho Legislature.


The Legislative Services Office was created in 1993 in response from a merger of three separate legislative service agencies in the Idaho Legislature[1].


Budget and policy analysis

The Budget and Policy Analysis division is responsible for all fiscal related research and analysis for Idaho legislators. The main duties include drafting and monitoring the Idaho state budget, monitoring budget requests from different government agencies, performance ratings on government programs, and providing revenue estimates[2]. Also, the Budget and Policy Analysis Division is responsible for staffing the Joint Finance-Appropriations Committee[2].

Information technology

Staff in the LSO's Information Technology Division are responsible for the support, maintenance, and design of the computer networks of the Idaho Legislature. Also, custom computer applications in relation to the legislative process are created by the Information Technology Division[3].

Legislative audits

The Legislative Audits Division is responsible for performing all audits on state government agencies that are required under both state and federal laws. Some agencies require audits every year while all executive branch offices receive audits every three years. All audits are performed by certified public accountants who are independent of the LSO. Also, the Legislative Audits division does audits on local governments that accept federal funding[4].

Research and legislation

The Research and Legislation Division is responsible for conducting all drafts of bills, resolutions, and amendments. Also, the Research and Legislation Division is responsible for revisions on Idaho's statutes and administrative rules and maintaining the legislative library[5].

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