Idaho initiative petition drive deadline arrives, no filings expected

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May 1, 2012


By Al Ortiz

BOISE, Idaho: The month of May began with a crucial step for initiative proponents to get their proposal on the ballot in Idaho.

Today, May 1 marked the 2012 petition drive deadline for supporters of potential ballot measures to submit collected signatures to the county clerks' offices throughout the state, before the Idaho Secretary of States office reviews them.

When contacted by Ballotpedia, the Idaho County Clerk's office stated that no measure supporters had turned in signatures. The office also stated that they did not anticipate any signatures to be filed by the end of the business day. Idaho County is the largest county in the state.

Initiative supporters must collect at least 47,432 valid signatures from registered voters in order to place their proposals on the ballot. This equals to 6% of the qualified electors of the state at the time of the last general election. Since Idaho citizens cannot propose constitutional amendments, all circulating petitions were potential state statutes.

There were three measures that were circulation for the ballot. Those measures were:

According to early reports, the animal cruelty effort fell short of the required amount of signatures. Supporters of the effort, a coalition called Idaho 1 of 3, stated they had collected more than 30,000 signatures as of the deadline.[1]

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