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Illinois City/County Management Association

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Illinois City/County Management Association is a government sector lobbying association in Illinois. It was founded in 1953 and currently has more than 650 members.[1]

Taxpayer-funded lobbying

The association is a part of the Pension Fairness Coalition, which lobbies.[2] Local governments, like Stephenson County pay membership dues to the organization.

Income and Expenses

Illinois City/County Management Association
Year Total Expenses Total Income Membership dues
(included in Total Income)
2008[3] $272,677 $294,319 $124,400
2007[4] $245,437 $306,206 $126,222
2006[5] $263,303 $285,144 $106,488

Note: Tax years begin July 1 in the current year and end June 30 the following year.


The Illinois City/County Management Association is affiliated with the following organizations:[6]

It is also affiliated with the Illinois Municipal League and has a committee devoted to that relationship.[7]

Blagojevich's arrest

In response to then-governor of Illinois, Rod Blagojevich, being arrested and comments from others about the state of corruption in Illinois, the association signed a statement stating its support of elected officials:[8][9]

"Not every elected and appointed official in the State of Illinois is corrupt. Many are quietly striving day-by-day to improve the lives of the millions of citizens of Illinois and to serve the people of our state with honesty and integrity."

Programs and services

The association offers several awards. Its Awards Program offers recognition for officials involved in local government that have special achievements or that have shown a lifetime of excellence in service.[10] The Illinois City/County Management Association also offers several scholarships and fellowships. It offers three awards for students and officials to attend a variety of ILCCMA conferences.[11][12][13] It bestows its Banovetz Fellowship for those who desire a career in local government management, to help in financing studies.

The association also takes steps to be a resource for high education and its Speaker's Bureau is available to colleges and universities consisting of professionals from various disciplines in city and county government.[14]

In addition to being available to higher education organizations, the ILCMA Professional Resource Service helps provide help for temporary positions or special projects for city, town, and county officials in transition.[15]

The ILCCMA has also developed the IML Manager / Administrator Outreach Program, which pools technical resources for member counties and cities to be able to access services they may not otherwise be able to afford.[16] Its collaboration with the National Forum for Black Public Administrators, N.I.C.E., works as a networking and professional mentoring forum.[17] Through its Range Riders program, the association provides mentoring from retired managers with extensive experience.[18]

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