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Illinois First District Appellate Court

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The Illinois First District Appellate Court (also called the Cook County Judicial Circuit) comprises all of Cook County, Illinois and meets in the city of Chicago. An executive committee serves as the general administrative authority for this district.[1]

There are five Appellate Court districts in Illinois. Each judge has a support staff of two law clerks and a secretary.

The clerk of the First District Appellate Court is Steven Ravid.

Illinois First District Appellate Court
Court information
Judges:   23
Founded:   1877
Salary:   $199,000[2]
Judicial selection
Method:   Partisan election of judges
Term:   10 years


Like every appellate district, the judges elected to the First District serve 10-year terms "commencing on the first Monday in December following his election."[3] The First District comprises only Cook County, Illinois.

There are six divisions within the First District. Each division has four judges.

Illinois First District
Appellate Court


Former JudgesNotable Cases

First Division

Illinois Appellate
Court Districts
Illinois Second District Appellate CourtIllinois First District Appellate CourtIllinois Third District Appellate CourtIllinois Fourth District Appellate CourtIllinois Fifth District Appellate CourtIL District Map.png
JudgeTermAppointed by
Judge Margaret Stanton McBride1998-2018
Judge Rodolfo Garcia2003-12/6/2020
Judge Robert E. Gordon2006-12/6/2020
Judge Shelvin Louise Marie Hall1999-2020
Judge Thomas Hoffman1993-12/1/2024
Judge Themis Karnezis2002-12/6/2020
Judge Joy Cunningham2006-2016
Judge P. Scott Neville2004-2022
Judge James Fitzgerald Smith2002-2022
Judge Maureen Connors2010-2022
Judge Sheldon Harris2010-12/1/2024Illinois Supreme Court
Judge Michael Hyman2013-12/6/2020Illinois Supreme Court
Judge Mary Anne Mason7/8/2013-12/6/2020
Judge Stuart Palmer1/6/2012-12/2016
Judge James Epstein2010-2020
Judge Aurelia Marie Pucinski2010-2020
Judge Mary Katherine Rochford2010-2020
Judge Daniel James Pierce2010-2016
Judge Bertina E. Lampkin2009-2020
Judge Terrence J. Lavin2010-2022
Judge Nathaniel R. Howse2009-2022
Judge Jesse G. Reyes2013-2022
Judge Mathias W. Delort1/2013-2022
Judge William H. Taylor II2012-2014
Judge Laura C. Liu2014
Judge Cynthia Y. Cobbs2015-PresentIllinois Supreme Court
Justice John B. Simon11/16/2012-12/1/2024Illinois Supreme Court
Judge David Ellis (Illinois)12/1/2014-12/1/2024

Former Judges

First name Last name Appointed/Elected Term ended
Alan Greiman 1987 1991
Anne M. Burke 1995 2006
Blanche Manning 1986 1994
Charles Freeman 1976 1986
Denise O'Malley 1992 2002
Jill McNulty 1982 1990
Michael Murphy 2005 2012
John Tully 1984 2009
Leslie Elaine South 1992 2006
Mary Jane Theis 1983 2010
Michael Toomin 1984 2010
Roger Kiley 1940 1961
Sharon Coleman 1996 2010
Sheila O'Brien 1994 2011
Warren Wolfson 1975 2009

Notable Cases

For all recent Court opinions see: Illinois Courts, Recent Appellate Court Opinions
  • Oak Park School District 97 was sued by Chicago-based Taxpayers United of America in regards to misleading information presented on the school ballot for the April 5, 2011 election. The group claims that the school worded the ballot in a way that did not disclose the full impact of the school property tax increase. The school noted though that they had consulted a law firm in regards to the ballot language before they submitted it.[4]
  • Tower Automotive v. Illinois Workers’ Compensation Commission, was a case that dealt with the issue of worker's compensation benefits and if it was applicable for time that was spent after the 40 hours of a traditional work week, overtime. The Court ruled that if an employee was injured during overtime hours, it was still included in their benefit plan at their job.[5]
  • Wirtz v. Quinn, was a case which allowed for the tax increase on certain retail items, notably certain hygienic products, soft drinks, candy, beer and wine. A tax group though appealed the decision and it was later ruled on by the Illinois Supreme Court and was given a stay of enforcement until a later decision.[6]


The following charts display caseload statistics from the First District Court.[7]

Civil and Criminal Caseload Breakdown
Civil & Criminal Caseloads Civil Filed Civil Disposed Criminal Filed Criminal Disposed
2009 2013 2088 1606 1663
2008 2020 1987 1582 1697
2007 1820 1998 1715 1808
2006 1965 1989 1768 1956
2005 2153 2227 1927 1577
Total Cases Pending by Year
Year Total Pending
2009 5835
2008 5738
2007 5589
2006 5551
2005 5358

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Gordon vacancy
CandidateIncumbencyPartyPrimary VoteElection Vote
LyleFreddrenna M. Lyle NoDemocratic35.4% 
HarrisSheldon HarrisApprovedANoDemocratic37.4%ApprovedA   ApprovedA
Kennedy SullivanSusan Kennedy Sullivan NoDemocratic27.2% 
Unopposed   David Ellis (Illinois) (Murphy vacancy)
Steele vacancy
CandidateIncumbencyPartyPrimary VoteElection Vote
SimonJohn B. SimonApprovedAYesDemocratic54.2%ApprovedA   ApprovedA
Oden-JohnsonSharon Oden-Johnson NoDemocratic45.9% 
JudgeElection Vote
HoffmanThomas Hoffman 78.3% ApprovedA


CandidateIncumbencyPartyPredecessorPrimary VoteElection Vote
SmithJames Fitzgerald Smith   ApprovedAYes   ApprovedA
ReyesJesse G. Reyes   ApprovedANoDemocraticVacancy of Sheila O'Brien33%ApprovedA100%   ApprovedA
DelortMathias W. Delort   ApprovedANoDemocraticVacancy of Robert Cahill25%ApprovedA100%   ApprovedA
ConnorsMaureen Connors   ApprovedAYesDemocraticVacancy of Mary Jane TheisApprovedA100%   ApprovedA
HowseNathaniel R. Howse   ApprovedANoDemocraticVacancy of Sharon ColemanApprovedA100%   ApprovedA
NevilleP. Scott Neville   ApprovedAYesDemocraticVacancy of Michael Gallagher44%ApprovedA100%   ApprovedA
LavinTerrence J. Lavin   ApprovedAYesDemocraticVacancy of John TullyApprovedA100%   ApprovedA