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Illinois House Bill 4765 was introduced into the House by Rep. Michael Tryon on Feb 4, 2008.

Included Information

This bill seeks to create and maintain an online accountability database with full time support to cover the following information:

  • All state employees names, agencies, titles, pay rates, and year to date pay information.
  • All state expenditures sorted by agency, category, customer, and representative district.
  • All tax credits sorted by category, customer and representative district.
  • All revocations and suspensions of state occupation certificates, also sorted by name, location, registration or license number, and profession. This information will only be posted if it is due to failure to pay taxes, child support or license fees.
  • All state contracts sorted by contractor name, awarding agency, value, and services provided.[1]


House Vote April 4, 2008:[2]

  • Yeas: 108
  • Nays: 0
  • Absent: 0

Current Status

The bill is stuck in the Senate Rules Committee and may never receive a Senate Vote, despite having the following Senate co-sponsors:

  • Pamela J Althoff
  • Kirk Dillard
  • Dan Cronin
  • Christine Radogno
  • Chris Lauzen
  • Matt Murphy
  • Larry Bomke
  • Jeffrey Schoenberg
  • Debbie DeFrancesco Halvorson

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  2. House Vote