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Illinois attorney general postpones implementation of ruling on concealed carry

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June 30, 2013

Illinois AG Lisa Madigan's pushes back handling court ruling against state's concealed carry prohibition, arousing speculation about her designs for Quinn's seat.

SPRINGFIELD, Illinois: On June 27, at an event sponsored by the campaign funding organization EMILY's list, which helps Democratic women get elected to public office, Illinois Attorney General Lisa Madigan (D) said she expected current governor and potential 2014 Democratic primary opponent Pat Quinn to sign a measure amending the state's blanket ban on the concealed carrying of firearms in public before the end of the legislative session. Madigan said she declined to answer directly how she would decide on the compromise if she were in Quinn's position, in order to avoid politicizing the issue.[1]

The United States Court of Appeals for the Seventh Circuit set a deadline of June 9, 2013, by which Illinois would have to allow the carrying of concealed weapons outside of homes. Illinois is currently the only state with a complete ban on carrying concealed weapons. In May 2013, Madigan asked for more time to decide how to handle the implementation of the court order. The United States Supreme Court gave an extension to July 9, 2013. On June 14, Madigan applied for a further extension of the deadline. In her filing she stated the lawyer had been unable to meet the deadline because, "Counsel's supervisory responsibilities over the Civil and Criminal Appeals Division of the Attorney General's Office-including editing and revising briefs and preparing attorneys for oral argument-have occupied a substantial amount of time in May and the first two weeks of June, 2013." National Rifle Association lobbyist, Todd Vandermyde, accused Madigan's request as a stalling tactic due to Madigan's consideration of a 2014 gubernatorial run.[2][3]

Madigan was elected attorney general in 2002 and is the first woman in the state's history to hold the position. Her adoptive father is Michael Madigan, a Democratic member of the Illinois House of Representatives who has held the position of Speaker of the House almost continuously since 1983.[4]

Madigan has not yet announced whether she will challenge Quinn in his bid for re-election in 2014. If she does not enter the race, she is still eligible to run for a fourth term as attorney general.

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