Impact of term limits on state legislative elections in 2011

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2011 State Legislative Elections

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Louisiana was the one state that held general state legislative elections in 2011 and was subject to term limits.

In Louisiana, there were six senators and ten representatives who were ineligible to run for re-election on November 19, 2011. Thus, a total of 16 state legislators were in-eligible to run for re-election in 2011 because of term limits.

The six termed-out senators represented 15.4% of the 39 seats up for election in the Louisiana State Senate. The ten representatives represented 9.5% of the 105 seats up for election in the Louisiana House of Representatives.

The breakdown of Louisiana senators was:

Party As of April 2015
     Democratic Party 13
     Republican Party 26
Total 39

State senators

Here are the Louisiana Senators that were not eligible to run for election.

Democrats (5)
Republicans (1):

State representatives

In 2011, Democrats lost more seats in the state house to term limits than Republicans or Independents.

These are the Louisiana representatives who were ineligible to run for re-election:

Democrats (5)
Republicans (4):
Independents (1):
Chamber with limits Majority party Seats in chamber Up for election in 2011 Seats impacted by term limits Party with most losses
Louisiana: (Senate), (2011 elections) Republican Party 39 39 5 Democratic Party + 1 Republican Party = 6 Democratic Party
Louisiana: (House), (2011 elections) Republican Party 105 105 5 Democratic Party + 4 Republican Party + 1 Independent = 10 Democratic Party
Totals: (2) Republican Party 144 144 10 Democratic Party + 5 Republican Party + 1 Independent = 16 2 Democratic Party

Seat change

Of the 16 seats where incumbents were term limited, the following is the breakdown of seats that changed party control.

  • Eight seats remained with the same party as prior to the election
  • Three seats were decided in the November 19 runoff.
  • Four seats switched to Republican control
  • One seat switched to Democratic control

Undecided races

The following term-limited seats changed parties in the 2011 election.



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