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Independence Party of America Independence Party of America was one of the largest minor political parties in the United States.[1] The current status of the national party organization is unclear. However, as of August 2013, affiliate parties are active in Florida, Minnesota and New York.


The Independence Party of Florida began in 1999 in Riverview, Florida, with eight registered members. By the 2008 general election the party had grown to 63,415 members. In 2010, the party fielded its first gubernatorial candidate, Peter L. Allen, who came in third.[2]


The Independence Party is the third largest political party in Minnesota and is officially defined by the Minnesota Secretary of State as one of the state's three major parties.

The party formed in 1992 as a state affiliate of the Reform Party. In January 2008, it became a state affiliate of the Independence Party of America.

New York

The Independence Party also has a New York affiliate.

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