Indiana Representative under investigation in Craigslist scandal

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August 15, 2011


INDIANAPOLIS, Indiana: Representative Phillip Hinkle, 64, is currently under investigation for a reported meet-up with an 18 year old man last Friday night.

On August 6, 2011, Hinkle reportedly responded to and made arrangements with 18 year-old Kameryn Gibson, whose Craigslist posting "I need a sugga daddy," peaked his interest. Hinkle responded via his personal email address, offering him $80 plus tip in exchange for "a couple hours of your [Gibson's] time tonight," and a tip of up to $50 or $60 "for a really good time."[1]

That night, Hinkle reportedly met Gibson at his home and drove him to the JW Marriott hotel in Indianapolis. Hinkle instructed Gibson to go to the room alone, informing him they should not be seen together. Once inside, Gibson told The Star that Hinkle changed his clothes and revealed his identity as a state lawmaker. When Gibson attempted to leave, Hinkle grabbed his arm and said, "You need to do this, because I came and got you, and I'm not taking you back until we do what we need to do." According to Gibson, Hinkle then dropped the towel he was wearing and sat down on the bed naked. Gibson excused himself to the bathroom and proceeded to call to his sister Megan, who came to his aid at the hotel. After a strongly worded bout between Hinkle and Gibson's sister, Hinkle offered to give them his iPad, a BlackBerry and $100 in cash to keep them from calling the police.[1]

After Kameryn and his sister left the hotel, a phone call from Hinkle's wife was received on their newly acquired BlackBerry. According to Gibson's sister, Mrs. Hinkle offered the siblings $10,000 to keep mum about her husbands sexual identity. In a later conversation between the Representative and Megan Gibson, Hinkle told her, "You just ruined me."[1]

Megan Gibson, whose email address was used for all of her brother's internet correspondence with the Representative, revealed the communications, stating that the "creepy" actions be made public because of Hinkle's standing in state affairs.[1]

This past spring, Hinkle voted in favor of Indiana Joint Resolution 6, a constitutional ban on gay marriage.[2]

Governor Daniels has responded to the situation, but has not called on Hinkle to resign. In a response to the Courier Press, Daniels said, "It’s not for me to say, it’s between him and his constituents. It’s just a personal, family tragedy, and I’m sad about that."[2]

Partisan composition of the Indiana House of Representatives:

Party As of March 2015
     Democratic Party 29
     Republican Party 71
Total 100