Indiana Supreme Court will wait to hear Charlie White case

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September 15, 2011


INDIANAPOLIS, Indiana: In August, Secretary of State Charlie White has asked the Indiana Supreme Court to take over his case from a Marion County Circuit Judge Louis Rosenberg. As of Monday, September 12, the Supreme Court ruled 5-0 against White's request to take up the case. The court called his request "procedurally improper." Appellate-level courts cannot review cases until the trial court issues its ruling.[1]

As of September, Democrats have issued a lawsuit to try and overturn a June recount commission ruling[2] that White’s voter registration violated no law.

White is currently representing himself in court, after his lawyer, Jim Bopp, resigned last month. Bopp was representing White in the case regarding charges of voter fraud brought against him earlier this year. If he is convicted, he will automatically lose his office.

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