Institute of Governmental Advocates

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Institute of Governmental Advocates
The Institute of Governmental Advocates (IGA) is a voluntary, nonpartisan organization that represents the leading professional lobbyists and lobbying firms in California’s Capitol. Stated on their website, their primary mission is to "protect and defend the First Amendment rights of lobbyists to advocate on behalf of their clients in California’s Legislature, the Governor’s Office, and the agencies, boards, and commissions of the Executive Branch of state government."[1] Members of IGA work on a voluntary code of conduct which surpasses that which is required on the Fair Political Practices Act. "IGA members include both in-house and contract lobbyists representing a broad spectrum of businesses, trade associations, labor organizations, and local governments."[1] IGA takes positions on legislation affecting the lobbying profession. They advocate on behalf of lobbyists and mobilize the organization to counter any hostile legislation or regulations.[2]