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The Institute of Governmental Studies (IGS) is a research unit of the University of California-Berkeley. The group's mission, according to its website, is "to conduct and disseminate research on topics related to state and national politics and public policy topics with a particular focus on institutional design and reform. IGS serves as the University's primary center for advancing research and public service on applied political science and public policy. IGS serves students, faculty, researchers, and the general public."

Ballot proposition analysis

IGS does a very full portfolio of election and public policy analysis and research. Compared to its overall portfolio of work, the research IGS does on ballot propositions is small. But in the world of ballot propositions, the research unit at IGS that focuses on ballot propositions is very highly regarded and important.

In 2000, IGS began compiling and publishing lists of notable groups and newspapers in California that were endorsing or opposing statewide ballot propositions. In 2005, IGS added substantially to its research efforts about statewide propositions by providing very detailed, encyclopedic analyses of each statewide ballot proposition, while continuing to publish the "endorsement lists" about propositions that it pioneered in 2000.

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