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The insurance commissioner is a state level position in all 50 states. The duties of the position vary from state to state, but their general role is as a consumer protection advocate and insurance regulator. The position is elected in 11 states and appointed in 39.

Insurance regulation is one of the older state government functions, with most states having insurance departments dating back to the late 19th century. Generally speaking, their role has not changed much since then.[1]

Quick facts about Insurance Commissioners
  • Elected in 11 states; appointed in 39
  • In the 39 appointed states, 37 are appointed by the Governor and two states (New Mexico and Virginia), appoint via a multi-member commission
  • Salary range (in 2010): $163,800 (Texas) to $79,134 (Montana)

State Executive Offices
GovernorLt. GovernorSecretary of StateAttorney GeneralTreasurerAuditorSuperintendent of SchoolsInsurance CommissionerControllerAgriculture CommissionerNatural Resources CommissionerLabor CommissionerPublic Services Commissioner
Elections by Year

As it currently stands, there are only three ways in which an individual is able to be selected to serve as insurance commissioner - by being publicly elected by the people of the state through the primary/general election processes, being appointed by the governor, or being appointed by a commission.

NevadaUtahColoradoNew MexicoWyomingArizonaMontanaCaliforniaOregonWashingtonIdahoTexasOklahomaKansasNebraskaSouth DakotaNorth DakotaMinnesotaIowaMissouriArkansasLouisianaMississippiAlabamaGeorgiaFloridaSouth CarolinaIllinoisWisconsinTennesseeNorth CarolinaIndianaOhioKentuckyPennsylvaniaNew JerseyNew YorkVermontVermontNew HampshireMaineWest VirginiaVirginiaMarylandMarylandConnecticutConnecticutDelawareDelawareRhode IslandRhode IslandMassachusettsNew HampshireMichiganMichiganAlaskaHawaiiInsurance commissioners map.png

Insurance commissioner is an appointed position in 39 states, 37 of which are appointed by the governor, with the remaining two appointed by a commission. In New Mexico the Public Regulation Commission appoints their insurance commissioner, while in Virginia it is decided by the State Corporation Commission. The other 11 states hold elections for the position.

State Executive Offices
GovernorLt. GovernorSecretary of StateAttorney GeneralTreasurerAuditorSuperintendent of SchoolsInsurance CommissionerControllerAgriculture CommissionerNatural Resources CommissionerLabor CommissionerPublic Services Commissioner
Elections by Year


See also: State executive official elections, 2015

Two states are holding scheduled elections for insurance commissioner in 2015: Louisiana and Mississippi.


Main article: State executive official elections, 2014

Four states held regularly scheduled insurance commissioner elections in the 2014 electoral cycle: California, Georgia, Kansas and Oklahoma.


There were no elections in 2013 for insurance commissioners.


Main article: State executive official elections, 2012

Five states held scheduled insurance commissioner elections in the 2012 electoral cycle: Delaware, Montana, North Carolina, North Dakota and Washington.

In all five states, incumbents won re-election on November 6, 2012. A special note, with respect to Montana, the insurance commissioner is also the state auditor.

State Executive Offices
GovernorLt. GovernorSecretary of StateAttorney GeneralTreasurerAuditorSuperintendent of SchoolsInsurance CommissionerControllerAgriculture CommissionerNatural Resources CommissionerLabor CommissionerPublic Services Commissioner
Elections by Year
List of All Current State Insurance Commissioners in the United States
Political positionOfficerAssumed officePolitical Party
North Dakota Commissioner of Insurance
Adam Hamm
Ends.png Republican
Maryland Commissioner of Insurance
Alfred Redmer Jr.
Arkansas Commissioner of Insurance
Allen Kerr
Ends.png Republican
Illinois Director of Insurance
Andrew Boron
Michigan Commissioner of Insurance
Ann Flood
New York Superintendent of Financial Services
Benjamin Lawsky
Nebraska Director of Insurance
Bruce Ramge
Hawaii Director of Commerce and Consumer Affairs
Catherine Awakuni Colón
California Commissioner of Insurance
Dave Jones
Electiondot.png Democratic
Texas Commissioner of Insurance
David Mattax
Maine Superintendent of Insurance
Eric Cioppa
Massachusetts Commissioner of Insurance
Gary Anderson
Arizona Director of Insurance
Germaine Marks
Virginia Commissioner of Insurance
Jacqueline Cunningham
Louisiana Commissioner of Insurance
James Donelon
Ends.png Republican
Alabama Commissioner of Insurance
Jim Ridling
Oklahoma Commissioner of Insurance
John Doak
Ends.png Republican
New Mexico Superintendent of Insurance
John Franchini
Missouri Director of Insurance
John Huff
Tennessee Commissioner of Insurance
Julie McPeak
Delaware Insurance Commissioner
Karen Weldin Stewart
Electiondot.png Democratic
Connecticut Commissioner of Insurance
Katharine Wade
Kansas Insurance Commissioner
Ken Selzer
Ends.png Republican
New Jersey Commissioner of Banking and Insurance
Kenneth Kobylowski
Florida Commissioner of Insurance Regulation
Kevin McCarty
South Dakota Director of Insurance
Larry Deiter
Oregon Commissioner of Insurance
Laura N. Cali
Alaska Director of Insurance
Lori Wing-Heier
Colorado Commissioner of Insurance
Marguerite Salazar
Lieutenant Governor of Ohio
Mary Taylor
Ends.png Republican
West Virginia Commissioner of Insurance
Michael D. Riley
Mississippi Commissioner of Insurance
Mike Chaney
Ends.png Republican
Washington Commissioner of Insurance
Mike Kreidler
Electiondot.png Democratic
Minnesota Commissioner of Commerce
Mike Rothman
Montana Commissioner of Securities and Insurance, State Auditor
Monica Lindeen
Electiondot.png Democratic
Iowa Commissioner of Insurance
Nick Gerhart
Rhode Island Director of Business Regulation
Paul McGreevy
Georgia Insurance and Safety Fire Commissioner
Ralph Hudgens
Ends.png Republican
South Carolina Director of Insurance
Raymond Farmer
New Hampshire Commissioner of Insurance
Roger Sevigny
Nevada Commissioner of Insurance
Scott Kipper
Kentucky Commissioner of Insurance
Sharon Clark
Indiana Commissioner of Insurance
Stephen Robertson
Vermont Commissioner of Insurance
Susan Donegan
Wisconsin Commissioner of Insurance
Ted Nickel
Pennsylvania Commissioner of Insurance
Teresa Miller
Utah Commissioner of Insurance
Todd Kiser
Wyoming Commissioner of Insurance
Tom Glause
North Carolina Commissioner of Insurance
Wayne Goodwin
Electiondot.png Democratic
Idaho Director of Insurance
William Deal

Note: The Lieutenant Governor of Ohio also serves as the state's insurance commissioner.

State Executive Offices
GovernorLt. GovernorSecretary of StateAttorney GeneralTreasurerAuditorSuperintendent of SchoolsInsurance CommissionerControllerAgriculture CommissionerNatural Resources CommissionerLabor CommissionerPublic Services Commissioner
Elections by Year

Each state has a regulatory agency that oversees insurance companies and sellers, but the responsibilities of those departments vary considerably. The position of insurance commissioner is mostly a department administrator, though the duties of the departments by state influence the work that is overseen.

744px-Flag of Alabama.svg.png

Alabama has twelve departments in its Department of Insurance. While a few of those handle inter-departmental issues, the insurance agency also includes the state Fire Marshall and regulation of "preneed" companies in the state.[2]

709px-Flag of Alaska.svg.png

Alaska's Division of Insurance conducts only the most basic functions of most state insurance departments. There, the commissioner is the head of the Investigative Section, Consumer Services Section, Licensing Section, Actuarial, Filings Review and Market Regulation Section and Financial Section.[3]

800px-Flag of Arizona.svg.png

  • To see the 2009-2010 Arizona Department of Insurance's Annual Report, click here.

744px-Flag of Arkansas.svg.png

The Arkansas Insurance Department has seventeen divisions that handle an array of responsibilities. Notably, Arkansas has created two divisions to cooperate with the 2010 Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act: one helps citizens compare insurance rates in the state, while the other provides explanations for any rate increases.[4]

Flag of California.png

The California Department of Insurance was created in 1868. The authority of the branch comes from the Legal Division, which issues orders against licensees. In California, the department also rehabilitates troubled insurance companies.[5]

800px-Flag of Colorado.svg.png

Colorado began regulating insurance though the office of the state auditor in 1883. It was not until the Administrative Organization Act of 1968 that the Department of Regulatory Agencies was created. Along with insurance, the agency also includes divisions on banking, civil rights, consumer affairs, financial services, public utilities, real estate, registrations, and securities.[6]

694px-Flag of Connecticut.svg.png

The Connecticut Department of Insurance has six main duties - licensing insurance companies, regulating insurance policy forms, rates and programs, licensing insurance producers, examining the financial condition of insurance companies, and handling insurance complaints.[7]

600px-Flag of Delaware.svg.png

The Delaware Insurance Department consists of five divisions - the Bureau of Captive & Financial Insurance Products, Bureau of Company Examination, Rehabilitation & Guaranty, Consumer Services & Investigations Division, Fraud Prevention Bureau, and the Producer Licensing & Continuing Education Division.[8]

750px-Flag of Florida.svg.png

The mission statement of the Florida Department of Insurance is as follows:[9]

To ensure that insurance companies licensed to do business in Florida are financially viable, operating within the laws and regulations governing the insurance industry; and offering insurance policy products at fair and adequate rates which do not unfairly discriminate against the buying public.

800px-Flag of Georgia (U.S. state).svg.png

Originally known as the Comptroller General, the office has operated continually in Georgia since 1799. Since then various duties have been added over the years, and in 1983 the title was officially changed to Office of Commissioner of Insurance. The full title is now the Office of Insurance and Safety Fire Commissioner.[10]

800px-Flag of Hawaii.svg.png

The Hawaii Insurance Commissioner's office is a part of the Department of Commerce and Consumer Affairs. The office consists of seven branches to oversee the insurance industry: Financial Surveillance and Examination, Compliance and Enforcement, Licensing, Rate and Policy Analysis, Captive Insurance, Insurance Fraud Investigation, and Health Insurance.[11]

668px-Flag of Idaho.svg.png

While the Idaho Department of Insurance did not exist until 1911, the office of Insurance Commissioner was created in 1901. Prior to 1901, insurance companies were licensed through the general corporations law.[12]

Flag of Illinois.png

The mission statement of the Illinois Department of Insurance reads:

To protect consumers by providing assistance and information, by efficiently regulating the insurance industry's market behavior and financial solvency, and by fostering a competitive insurance marketplace.

It is made up of the Consumer Market Division, Legal Division, and Financial-Corporate Regulatory Division.[13]

744px-Flag of Indiana.svg.png

The Indiana Department of Insurance protects citizens during buying and use of insurance products. They also regulate the insurance companies in the state.[14]

670px-Flag of Iowa.svg.png

The Iowa Insurance Division consists of five bureaus - Market Regulation Bureau, Company Regulation Bureau, Senior Health Insurance Information Program, Securities and Regulated Industries Bureau, and the Insurance Fraud Bureau.

The mission statement of the Division reads:

The Iowa Insurance Division shall protect consumers through consumer education and by effectively and efficiently providing a fair, flexible and positive regulatory environment. [15]

750px-Flag of Kansas.svg.png

The duties of the Kansas Department of Insurance include regulating and reviewing companies, educating consumers, assisting consumers, and licensing agents.[16]

750px-Flag of Kentucky.svg.png

The Kentucky Department of Insurance includes a multitude of divisions and programs, including: Administrative Services, Agent Licensing, Communications and Public Outreach, Consumer Protections, Commissioner’s Office, Financial Standards and Examinations, Health and Life, Information Technology, Insurance Fraud Investigation, Legal Services, Market Conduct Regulation, Property and Casualty, and Kentucky Health Insurance Advocate.[17]

Flag of Louisiana.png

Ten divisions make up the Louisiana Department of Insurance - Consumer Advocacy, Public Affairs, Receivership, Financial Solvency, Licensing & Compliance, Health Insurance, Property & Casualty, Legal Services, Minority Affairs, and Management & Finance.[18]

687px-Flag of Maine.svg.png

The mission statement in Maine states:[19]

The Maine Bureau of Insurance regulates the insurance industry to protect and to serve the public.

Duties of the Bureau include licensing insurance companies, performing examinations and audits, reviewing rates and coverage, investigating complaints, and educating citizens of the state about their rights and responsibilities.

750px-Flag of Maryland.svg.png

The Maryland Insurance Administration was first created in 1872 under the State Comptroller. Renamed the State Insurance Department in 1878, it changed to the division of Labor, Licensing and Regulation Department in 1970. In 1993 the General Assembly created an independent Maryland Insurance Administration.[20]

It currently consists of the following divisions - Office of the Commissioner, Administration, Compliance & Enforcement, Consumer Education and Advocacy Unit, Examination & Auditing, Insurance Fraud Division, Life & Health, Producer Licensing, and Property & Casualty.

750px-Flag of Massachusetts.svg.png

In Massachusetts, insurance is part of Consumer Affairs and Business Regulation. Duties include strictly regulating insurance companies, licensing insurance companies, studying financial conditions and market conduct of insurance companies, regulating insurance rates and programs, licensing sellers, and handling insurance complaints.[21]

685px-Flag of Michigan.svg.png

The Insurance Department in Michigan consists of the following divisions: Administrative Services, Consumer Services, Enterprise Monitoring, Bank & Trust, Credit Union, Licensing & Product Review, Securities, Health Plans, Policy, and Supervisory Affairs and Insurance Monitoring.

759px-Flag of Minnesota.svg.png

The insurance regulation in Minnesota is part of the state Department of Commerce, which is headed by the Commerce Commissioner.

The office states:

Our mission is to ensure that consumers and industry are treated fairly in the thousands of insurance transactions that take place each year in Minnesota. We also focus on providing efficient and professional service.[22]

800px-Flag of Mississippi.svg.png

The Mississippi Insurance Department was created in March 1902 by an act of the Mississippi Legislature. The first commissioner was elected in 1903.

The earliest report filed by the commissioner was in 1905, at which time there were 126 insurance companies in the state. 100 years later, 2,318 companies were licensed to sell insurance in Mississippi.[23]

Flag of Missouri.png

The Missouri Department of Insurance, Financial Institutions & Professional Regulation is composed of seven divisions: Insurance Commissioner Affairs, Insurance Company Regulation, Insurance Market Regulation, Finance, Credit Unions, Professional Registration, and Resource Administration.[24]

To read the most recent report from the agency, click here.

615px-Flag of Montana.svg.png

The Insurance Division falls within the office of the Montana State Auditor. The Insurance Commissioner is responsible for regulation of the industry, which is the third largest in the state.[25][26]

Flag of Nebraska.png

The mission statement of the Nebraska Department of Insurance is:

To safeguard those affected by the business of insurance through the fulfillment of our statutory obligations and by promoting the fair and just treatment of all parties to insurance transactions.[27]

Flag of Nevada.png

To read the most recent news from the Nevada Department of Insurance, check here.

660px-Flag of New Hampshire.svg.png
New Hampshire

The state of New Hampshire was the first to create a insurance regulatory agency in the nation. It was created in 1851.[28]

Flag of New Jersey.png
New Jersey

The Division of Insurance is a part of the New Jersey of Banking & Insurance. The mission statement of the division is: "The mission of the Department of Banking and Insurance is to regulate the banking, insurance and real estate industries in a professional and timely manner that protects and educates consumers and promotes the growth, financial stability and efficiency of those industries."[29]

Flag of New Mexico.png
New Mexico

New Mexico is one of the few states in which the Department of Insurance also includes the state includes the Workers' Compensation Bureau. [30]

To learn more about the divisions of the bureaus, visit: this link.

Flag of New York.png
New York

The first insurance regulatory agency was created in New York in 1859. It was reorganized in 1925, along with the rest of state government.

The New York State Insurance Department was merged with the state Banking Department to officially create the Department of Financial Services on October 3, 2011.[31]

Flag of North Carolina.png
North Carolina

The North Carolina Department of Insurance was created in 1899 by the General Assembly.

The insurance commissioner must approve any insurance company in the state before commencing operations.[32]

Flag of North Dakota.png
North Dakota

The Insurance Department of North Dakota has seven divisions:

  • Administration; Agent Licensing; Consumer Assistance; Examinations and Company Licensing; Legal Fraud Investigations and Enforcement; Product Filing and Special Funds


Flag of Ohio.png

The mission of the Ohio Department of Insurance is to provide consumer protection through education and fair but vigilant regulation while promoting a stable and competitive environment for insurers.[34]

For more information, visit:Ohio Department of Insurance, About ODI

675px-Flag of Oklahoma.svg.png

In addition to its insurance services offerings, the Oklahoma Insurance Department is also in charge of regulating bail bonds and real estate appraisals.[35]

Flag of Oregon.png

The mission of the Insurance Division is to administer the Insurance Code for the protection of the insurance-buying public while supporting a positive business climate.[36]

675px-Flag of Pennsylvania.svg.png

  • To learn more about divisions in the Pennsylvania Insurance Department, visit: this website.

Flag of Rhode Island.png
Rhode Island

The Commissioner of Insurance also serves as Director of the Department of Business Regulation. In this capacity, she or he acts as State Banking Commissioner, Real Estate Administrator and State Boxing Commissioner.[37]

Flag of South Carolina.png
South Carolina

The mission of the State of South Carolina Department of Insurance is to protect the insurance consumers, the public interest, and the insurance marketplace by ensuring the solvency of insurers; by enforcing and implementing the insurance laws of this State; and by regulating the insurance industry in an efficient, courteous, responsive, fair, and equitable manner.[38]

Flag of South Dakota.png
South Dakota

To learn more about the South Dakota Division of Insurance, visit its website.

Flag of Tennessee.png

The Commissioner of Insurance is the head of the Department of Commerce & Insurance. The administrator also oversees: the Division of Consumer Affairs, the Securities Division, TennCare Oversight Division, Division of Fire Prevention and the Division of Regulatory Boards. [39]

Flag of Texas.png

In addition to regulating insurance in the state, the Texas Department of Insurance also includes the State Fire Marshal and Workers' Compensation division.[40]

To read the December 2010 biennial report of the department, click here.

Flag of Utah.png

The Mission of the Utah Insurance Department is to foster a healthy insurance market by promoting fair and reasonable practices that ensure available, affordable and reliable insurance products and services.[41]

Flag of Vermont.png

The Insurance Commissioner in the states also heads the Department of Banking, Insurance, Securities and Healthcare Administration.[42]

Flag of Virginia.svg.png

The Virginia Bureau of Insurance is part of the Commonwealth of Virginia State Corporation Commission.

It is divided into four divisions: Financial Regulation, Life and Health Market Regulation, Property and Casualty Market Regulation and Agent Regulation and Administration. To learn more about the duties of these divisions, click here.

Flag of Washington.png

The Office of the Insurance Commissioner is not funded through public means. The administrative fees charged to insurance companies covers the cost of running the agency.[43]

The office was created in 1889 to register insurance companies through the Secretary of State's office. Eighteen years later, it became a separate agency.[44]

Flag of West Virginia.png
West Virginia

The West Virginia Offices of the Insurance Commissioner creates numerous reports in addition to its standard yearly report. One interesting comparison is the yearly Deer Vehicle Crash Report. This study shows that in 2009 alone, the state lost $57.2 million in deer-vehicle claims.

To examine the 2010 Annual Report from the office, click here.

Flag of Wisconsin.png

The Office of the Commissioner of Insurance created in 1871 to regulate the insurance industry to match the needs of the citizens of the state. According to the office website, the goals of the agency have not changed much in the last 125 years.[45]

Flag of Wyoming.png

The Wyoming Insurance Department is split into five divisions: Licensing, Examination, Consumer Complaints, Policy Filings and Premium Tax Collection. [46]

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