Interview with Lenny Goldberg (07/14/09)

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July 14, 2009

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Lenny Goldberg is the executive director of the California Tax Reform Association. The questions in this interview are based on The California Corporate Loophole Repeal Initiative. This interview was conducted by John Wynne Jr. on July 14th, 2009.

1. Which type of corporations are going to benefit from the tax break?

  • Goldberg: Large multi-state and multi-national corporations with yearly revenues exceeding $1 billion will benefit from these tax breaks.

2. Who exactly initiated the tax breaks?

  • Goldberg: In February and September of 2009, California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger initiated the tax breaks. The voters were not asked at the ballot and there were no public hearings. This was all done behind closed doors.

3. When will the initiative be on the ballot?

  • Goldberg: The initiative will be on the November 2, 2010 ballot (the general election).

4. When will the signature collecting begin?

  • Goldberg: The signature collection will begin in the fall of 2009.

5. Is this going to be a pay-per-signature drive or a volunteer effort?

  • Goldberg: This will be a pay-per-signature petition drive. Volunteers petition drives in California usually don't make it to the ballot because of the amount of signatures needed.

6. What petition drive management company is going to be hired to run the drive?

  • Goldberg: We have not yet hired a petition drive management company.

7. What do you think that the voters will do at the balolot?

  • Goldberg: I think that the California voters will overwhelmingly support the initiative to stop the corporate tax breaks.

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