Iowa "Right to Bear Arms" Amendment (2014)

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The Iowa "Right to Bear Arms" Amendment did not make the 2014 ballot in the state of Iowa as a legislatively-referred constitutional amendment. The measure would have guaranteed the right to possess and bear arms for residents in the state. According to reports, the language that would be added to the constitution would establish a right to “acquire, keep, possess, transport, carry, transfer and use arms to defend life and liberty and for all other legitimate purposes." The formal title of the proposal in the legislature was House Joint Resolution 2005.[1][2]

HJR 2005 was introduced on January 26, 2012. It ultimately died in chamber.[2]

Text of measure

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The full text of House Joint Resolution 2005 is available here.


  • State Representative Erik Helland stated during the 2012 state legislative session: “We’re not protecting fanatical gun owners. We’re standing up and telling the government, ‘This right belongs to the citizens and if you’re going to take it away, you better have a good reason.”[3]
  • State Representative Lance Horbach commented on the amendment: “I’m not a gun guy...but I am a freedom guy and every time you talk about restrictions in the laws, you’re talking about the restrictions on good people. Nowhere, nowhere in this amendment does it offer protections for evil.”[3]


  • State Representative Roger Thomas accused supporters of the measure of pursuing an agenda during the 2012 election year, the year the measure was introduced, stating: "Folks, I think we know what this is all about. This is about campaign contributions. This is about gotchas.”[3]

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See also: Laws governing ballot measures in Iowa

A majority vote was required, in two successive sessions, of the Iowa General Assembly. HJR 2005 was introduced on January 26, 2012. It ultimately died in chamber.[2]

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