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The Iowa Ethics and Campaign Disclosure Board is an independent disciplinary agency that is responsible over most disciplinary manners towards Iowa's campaign finance laws.

Mission statement

The mission of the Iowa Ethics and Campaign Disclosure Board is to promote the public's trust and confidence in government by ensuring the integrity of political campaigns, the ethical standards for officials and employees of the executive branch of state government, and the lawful conduct of executive branch lobbyists.

The Board enforces the statutes and rules under its jurisdiction, guided by the principles of fairness and consistency. This enforcement should not discourage individuals from being involved in the political process or state government. At all times the Board will seek to educate those individuals and entities that come under its jurisdiction concerning the requirements of Iowa law and will continue to embrace technological changes to better serve the public.

In order to accomplish its Mission, the Board will enforce the provisions of The Iowa Disclosure-Income Tax Check-off Act, the Government Ethics and Lobbying Act, the reporting of gifts under Iowa law, and the Board's administrative rules.[1]


The Board is governed by a six person committee.

Selection of members

The six members of the board are nominated by the Governor of Iowa in each of the members serve staggered six year terms which is contingent upon the advise and consent of the Iowa State Senate through a confirmation process. Also, Iowa law requires balance between Republican and Democratic members on the board.[2]

Campaign finance discipline

The Ethics and Campaign Disclosure Board is responsible for all investigations and civil prosecutions of Iowa's campaign finance laws. The first step in filing a campaign finance complaint is to file with the Ethics and Campaign Disclosure Board. It is up to the Board to accept any complaint before proceeding upon any investigations.

Upon acceptance of the complaint, the Ethics and Campaign Disclosure Board can conduct a full investigation and impose any civil penalties.[3] The Iowa Attorney General is responsible for all criminal prosecution.[4]

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