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The Iowa Legislative Service Agency (LSA) is the main service bureau serving the members of the Iowa Legislature. The LSA is responsible for handling all general research and fiscal analysis matters for Iowa's legislators and committee staff.


The Legislative Services Agency is led by an Executive Director and four divisional directors that make up the Administrative Services, Legal Services, Fiscal Services, and Computer Services divisions of the agency[1].

A staff of 65 persons work to ensure the operations of the Legislative Service Agency[2].


Administrative Services

The Administrative Services Division of the LSA serves as the official support unit to the LSA staff. This includes Human Resources in which the Administrative Services Division processes the payroll and benefits for the LSA staff. Also, the Accounting arm of the Administrative Services division handles all budgeting, inventory, and accounts receivable and payable to the LSA. The Support Staff arm does all processing, editing, and proofreading of the bills along with maintaining storage of bills[3].

Computer Services

The Computer Services Division is the main information technology staff of the Iowa Legislature. The Computer Services Division handles all network technical support and maintenance of the legislature's computer systems[4]. The Computer Services Division handles all computer training for legislators and staff along with maintaining all legislative databases[4].

Legal Services

The Legal Services Division is one of the core functions of the Legislative Services Agency. The staff in the Legal Services Division does all drafting for all bills and amendments, provides all legal counsel to members of the General Assembly and standing committees, maintaining and revising the Iowa Code and Iowa Administrative Code. Also, Legal Services publishes the Iowa Code and Administrative Code[5].

Fiscal Services

The fiscal services division handles all fiscal research and policy analysis related to the Iowa State Budget and how the state government is financed. The Fiscal Services Division produces all fiscal impact statements for all spending and appropriations bills in the legislature. Also, the Iowa state budget and total revenue projections are analyzed throughout the year by the Fiscal Services Agency[6].

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