Iowa legislators end session without passing initiative legislation

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June 29, 2010

By Kyle Maichle

DES MOINES, Iowa: Members of the Iowa General Assembly ended its session on March 30th without passing a single piece of initiative legislation.

Legislators considered four amendments to the Iowa Constitution aimed at allowing direct democracy in The Hawkeye State. The most notable legislation considered was Senate Joint Resolution 2005. The resolution would have allowed Iowans to initiate constitutional amendments and state statutes. The joint resolution died in committee without seeing a floor vote in the General Assembly[1].

Also, a proposal allowing recall was considered in Iowa. House File 205 would allow Iowans to recall elected officials upon gathering signatures of 20 percent of the total votes casted in last election for local political subdivisions. The proposal died in legislative committee without seeing an up or down floor by the whole General Assembly[2]. House Joint Resolution 5 was another recall proposal considered, but aimed at statewide constitutional officers including the Governor of Iowa. The proposal to recall statewide officers also failed to advance out of committee[3].

The other proposal considered by the General Assembly was House Joint Resolution 2016. The resolution was the House version of Senate Joint Resolution 2005, calling for Iowans to have initiative rights for constitutional amendments and state statutes. The resolution failed to advance out of committee[4].

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