Italian Water Privatization Referendum, 2011

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An Italian Water Privatization Referendum was held in the country on June 12-13. The Referendum asked citizens to vote of three different issues.

Initial results showed that both measures were defeated meaning the privatization of the water systems will not be implemented.[1]

There were two measure which will ask residents to privatize water services in the country.[2] Religious members had held a fast against the privatization of the water services in the country. The first measures sought to undo a 2009 law which requires that all city administrators to privatize water services by the end of 2011 and the second sought to allow market pricing for water allowing for competitive pricing. Before the 2009 law, cities had the choice to run their water systems publicly or outsource them. Those campaigning in favor of this noted that if the strict deadline is kept then utilities could inflate their prices and cause residents to pay even more.[3]

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